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Washing Machine
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The Whirlpool AWOD8140 washing machine is a tremendously versatile appliance that includes several efficient and useful features. With a large 8kg capacity, the AW0D8140 is ideal for washing larger items such as duvets and bath towels. It?s extremely energy efficient and brilliant at removing tough stains and stubborn dirt, with an Energy Efficiency Class A and a Washing Performance Class A+ it uses less electricity and water for every wash but still gives great cleaning results. This Whirlpool washing machine is enormously flexible, with a variable spin and a variable temperature feature you can select the temperature and spin speed to suit your needs. Great for washing delicate items, the hand wash programme is perfect for saving you time. This Whirlpool washing machine has a time remaining display and a SuperEco Programme that can save up to 40% energy consumption.

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