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Wharfedale DFS-20 Diffuse Rear Speakers - Black

Diffuse Rear Speakers
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Wharfedale DFS-20 Diffuse Rear Speakers - Black
Designed to match the Diamond and Evolution series of loudspeakers tonally, these speakers reproduce an ideal rear sound field for 5.1 Home Cinema use.The idea is relatively simple, two sets of drive units on each speaker which operate as bi-poles. That means both sets of drivers move simultaneously (as opposed to di-poles which push-pull). The inner set of drive units fires toward the listening area and this provides localisation of the rear effects. A Pin-point stereo image is created which helps tell the brain what is going on and where behind the head. The second set of drive units fires towards the side wall. This creates the ambient sound which defines the spacial extent of the rear sound-field and helps the brain to associate the type of environment the sound is coming from. So, if the sound effect occurs in an open field, compared to within a building, the sound is different.The bi-pole DFS rears draw you into films by immersing you right in the environment in a thoroughly convincing mann

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