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Wharfedale PC10AM

Subwoofer 100w Maple
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Wharfedale PC10AM
- The basic PowerCube model 10" unit with 100w of internal amplification
- Phase adjustment, continuously variable crossover frequency
- Line and high level inputs and volume controls for unrivalled compatibility with any system configuration
- It can be connected straight to the `subwoofer ` output of any dedicated amplifier and the majority of AV amplifiers
- Alternatively, you can route the loudspeaker outputs from ANY stereo amplifier through the PowerCubes
- The signal is then transmitted back out from the PowerCube to the stereo speakers
- By adjusting the crossover, phase and volume, you can match the sound to virtually any system
- Ideally you want the sub to take over where your usual speakers run out of steam and to be phase coherent at the crossover frequency

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