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8030A Active Monitors (Pair)

Genelec 8030A Active Monitors (Pair)

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Genelec 1037CEM £2338.07
Genelec 1037CEM 3-way active monitor, Peak per pair with music material 126 dB SPL @ 1.7m , Bass: 12 , Midrange: 5 + DCW , Treble: 1 metal dome + DCW, Free field frequency response 37 Hz - 21 kHz (± 2.5 dB) , amplifier power: bass 180W + midrange 120W + treble 120W, Speaker dimensions (H x W x D) 680 x 400 x 380 mm, weight 37 kg Studio/Recording Equipment / Studio Monitors
Genelec 1037CEM
Genelec 8130 APM £500.53
Genelec 8130APM - 2-way active studio monitor. Input word length: 16/24bits, input format: AES/EBU (female XLR), input sampling rate: 29-200kHz (no de-emphasis), 108dB SPL (peak per pair with music material @ 1m), 130mm (5) high-efficiency bass driver, 19mm (3/4) metal dome tweeter with DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide), crossover frequency: 3kHz, free field frequency response: 58Hz-20kHz (+/- 2dB), amplifier power per channel: bass 40W (LF) and 40W (HF). Aluminium cabinet (magnetically shielded). Automatic detection of word length and sampling frequency, supports single-wire and dual-wire digital input mode, perfect level match throughout the system from D/A converter to power amplifier outputs, compatible with LSE stereo subwoofer, high system integration and ease of use, daisy-chaining of up to 8 loudspeakers in digital or analog mode. Speaker dimensions: 285 x 189 x 178mm (HxWxD). Height with Iso-Pod: 299mm. Weight: 5.6kg. (Each). Studio/Recording Equipment / Studio Monitors
Genelec 8130 APM
Genelec 7070APM £1727.81
Genelec 7070APM Active Subwoofer - 250W amplifier, 112dB SPL (1m), 19Hz-85Hz, 300mm bass driver, configurable 6.1 channel bass management. Studio/Recording Equipment / Studio Monitors
Genelec 7070APM
Genelec 8260 APM £2855.14
Genelec 8260 APM, active 3-Way DSP Monitorspeaker with Coaxial-Technology, Koaxial-Unit for Mid- and Highrange, DSP-Unit for internal Filtering and detailed Roomcorrection, Automatic correction for Stereo- and Surroundsetups, Aluminum Body for optimal acoustic behaviour, Frequenzyresponse 29 Hz - 21 kHz (± 1 dB), 120 dB SPL (peak) / Pair Music 1 m distance, 19 mm Coaxial-Metalcalotte-Tweeter, 120 mm Konus Mid-Range, 255 mm Woofer, Power 150 W + 120 W + 120 W, Inputs: Analog XLR, Digital AES/EBU XLR, 2x RJ45 GLM Netzwerk, Out/Thru 1 XLR AES/EBU, Dimensions: 593 x 358 x 344 mm (HxBxT), Weight: 27,5 kg Studio/Recording Equipment / Studio Monitors
Genelec 8260 APM

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