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Growing SuccessAnimal Repellent 100gm Growing success animal repellent is an effective method of deterring cats and dogs from straying and fouling around edible and non-edible plants in your gardens. Growing success animal repellent works by confusing the animals sense of taste and smellCar Accessories£4.15Animal Repellent 100gm
Growing SuccessBird Repellent 100g Effectively deters birds from eating grass, vegetable and ornamental seeds. Keeps window sills, roofs and walls clear of birds. Works by confusing the birds’ sense of taste and smell. Reduces damage to cabbage crops. Fully biodegradaCar Accessories£5.29Bird Repellent 100g
Growing SuccessWild Animal Repellent 100g Helps protect against damage caused by deer, rabbits, foxes and hares. Works by confusing the animalCar Accessories£5.45Wild Animal Repellent 100g
Growing SuccessMole Repellent 100g Effectively moves moles from your garden. Works by confusing the moles’ sense of taste and smell. Fully biodegradable. Dissolves quickly in water and can be sprayed using a water can. Includes 88% w/w aluminium ammonia sulphate. ChildCar Accessories£6.37Mole Repellent 100g
Growing SuccessSlug Stop Granules 800g Non-toxic granules. Provides a physical barrier around both edible and non-edible plants. Superb absorbency action which extracts moisture on contact, protecting plants throughout the season. Suitable for organic gardening. Children and pets need notCar AccessoriesSlug Stop Granules 800g
Growing SuccessSlug Barrier Adhesive Copper Protects pot plants from slugs and snails. Static electrical charge on the tape deters the pests from crossing the tape. Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas. Length measures approximately four-metres.Car AccessoriesSlug Barrier Adhesive Copper
Growing SuccessBug Killer 1Ltr High-performance pesticide. Contains natural plant oils. Kills most common pests by contact, including greenfly, whitefly, blackfly, red spider mite, thrips and scale. Suitable for use in the garden and greenhouse. Ready to use. Children and pets neeCar AccessoriesBug Killer 1Ltr
Growing SuccessAdvanced Slug Killer 250g Revolutionary slug killer that outdates all other slug control products. It has been designed to target slugs only and also remains more effective than traditional blue pellets after rain and watering. Contains ferric phosphate. Fully biodegradable. Car AccessoriesAdvanced Slug Killer 250g

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