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John Crane LtdTOLO Kelvin the Activity Crab Cute and colourful Attaches easily to cot playpen or stroller Pushchair Musical chime Comes withBaby Gifts and ToysTOLO Kelvin the Activity Crab
John Crane LtdTolo Baby Flyer Versatile and imaginative toy with lots of activities Attaches to cot or stroller or can be removedBaby Gifts and ToysTolo Baby Flyer

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Crane Song Falcon £992.68
Crane Song Falcon, Tube Compressor 500 Series Module, 3 different Attack- and Release Times adjustable, switchable Compressor Characteristic Hard/Soft Knee, Audio Path Color Function, Wet-Dry Function for internal Parallel Compression, up to 6 Units Geršte cascadable for 5.1 Solutions, balanced I/Os, build-in Tube: 12AX7B, Housing: 500er Series Module Sound Processors, Effects / Dynamic Processors
Crane Song Falcon
Crane Song Flamingo £2130.04
Crane Song Flamingo, Stereo/ Dual Mono Class-A Microphone Pre-Amp, can be operated as a musically transparent amplifier, and is capable of emulating vintage sounds as well as creating distinctive new ones, transformerless balanced XLR inputs and outputs, 48V Phantom Power, Phase Switch, 22 Element VU Metering, Selectable Tonal Coloration, 100V/115V/230V/240V Mains, Dimensions: 19 1U - 31,75 cm deep, weight: 8,6 kg Sound Processors, Effects / Preamps
Crane Song Flamingo
Crane Song HEDD 192 £2878.69
Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA Converter - 24bit/192kHz, adjustable triode/pentode/tape sounds. Digital I/O: AES XLR and S/PDIF RCA, Wordclock I/O. Analog I/O: balanced XLR (transformerless). Dimensions: 19/1U (25.4cm deep). Weight: 6.7kg Sound Processors, Effects / A/D and D/A Converters
Crane Song HEDD 192
Crane Song Avocet V2 mit Remote £2368.31
Crane Song Avocet V2 with Remote, Monitorcontroller with D/A Converter, 5.1 and 7.1 Surround possible with expansion, 5 digitale inputs 5 digitale Eingšnge (3 x AES XLR, SPDIF RCA and TOSLINK) , integrated Hi-End 192kHz/24Bit D/A Converter, all incoming inputs are upsampled for Jitterreduction, 3 analog stereo inputs (XLR balanced), 3 analog stereo monitor outputs (XLR balanced), Sub D-25pol, each input level can be set to be fixed, Class-A analog audiosection, volumelevels via Relais, connection for optional digital Peak- or VU-Meter, headphone-amp, Dimension: 19 2U Studio/Recording Equipment / Accessories for Studio Equipment
Crane Song Avocet V2 mit Remote

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