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Vergo Single Bike Rack

Minoura Vergo Single Bike Rack

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MINOURA Live Roll R700 Roller £462.89
Fantastic quality roller set from Minoura the professional choice. Features: *Roller height set independently for maximizing workout (keeps bike level and safe) *Adjustable sliding frame with QR for dialling in bike wheel base length *Memory function for quick re-assembly *Horizontal bike setting for a natural ride feel *Quality bearings and roller finish means lower noise and long term maintenance free roller riding. *Silicon ring helps keep you centred on the roller
MINOURA Live Roll R700 Roller
MINOURA Training Mat £49.99
The Minoura 5mm Urethane Training Mat helps to protect your flooring and dampen vibration. Produced from durable 5mm urethane this mat will provide years of use and prevent your trainer from slipping under effort. *Bike NOT included.
MINOURA Training Mat
MINOURA Action Roller Advance £179.99
The Minoura Action Roller Advance is a high quality roller that will help you maximise your performance on the road by allowing you to train effortlessly at home during winter. Features: *New wider 415mm roller drums *80mm alloy drum diameter *Perfectly smooth training platform *Natural road like feel *Low frame design
MINOURA Action Roller Advance
MINOURA Live Ride 760 £299.99
The Minoura Live Ride 760 is brand new and features he awesome Magteqs Twin technology to provide you with a raining tool that?ll see your performance raised to no end. Features Dual Neodymium magnets with super quiet and ultra-smooth performance. This trainer generates 584 Watt power at 40 km/h and is 35% stronger with 2x the resistance range than V-series. Additional features include 2.7 kgs virtual flywheel weight 13 resistance levels quick release remote shifter and allows high-speed/low-resistance training. Includes free Sufferfest download training DVD Frame Features: *Quick release hub clamp *Fits hub width between 125 ? 145mm *Double thread roller pressure adjust knob *Durable 35mm diameter leg *Optional Software includes LiveTraining LiveCycling Sufferfest and Cogmon Specs: *Net Weight: 8.5 kgs *Power Output: 584 watt (40 km/h) 1001 watt (60 km/h) *Tire Size Capacity: 24 ? 700 x 40c (ETRTO 42-622) *Warranty: Unit : 1 year / Frame : 5 years
MINOURA Live Ride 760

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