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EinhellElectric Hedge Trimmer This Einhell electric hedge trimmer is just what you need to trim your hedge. With a powerful 600W motor and a 51cm blade, you will be able to cut through most hedges. The BG-EH 6051 comes with counter rotating, double safety blades made out of preHedge Trimmers£20.00Electric Hedge Trimmer
PowerforceElectric Hedge Trimmer 380W This electric hedge trimmer makes light work of overgrown hedges with its %BLADE_LENGTH% long china blade, giving a cutting width of 35 and %POWER_IN_WATTS_OR_CC% of power. It features a double safety switch for increased protection during use, and tHedge Trimmers£25.00Electric Hedge Trimmer 380W
Powerforcecordless hedge trimmer (18v battery) This Powerforce 18V cordless hedge trimmer has no cable, so you won?t need to worry about tripping over or slicing through any cables. This trimmer can run for 3-5 hours on a single charge and has a quick-stop blade brake and double lock-off switch fHedge Trimmers£35.00cordless hedge trimmer (18v battery)
Black & DeckerBlack and Decker 42cm Hedge Trimmer GT100 Lightweight and powerful. Diamond edged blades reduce vibration and increase comfort. Balanced design facilitates comfortable use for a longer duration. Safety brakes stop the unit in less than a second. Double handled starting switch prevents accideHedge Trimmers£43.56Black and Decker 42cm Hedge Trimmer GT100
UnbrandedB&D GT510 MPP Hedge Trimmer 500w This Black & Decker GT510 MPP 500W hedge trimmer is powerful and easy to use. This trimmer has a 2 handed starting switch which prevents accidental starting. When in use the trimmer has low vibration and a large protective hand guard protects user frHedge Trimmers£55.00B&D GT510 MPP Hedge Trimmer 500w
JCB600W Hedge Trimmer HT60600 4 out of 5Youll make quick work of those hedges using this powerful trimmer with its high performance 600W motor. The handle is simple to operate and features an ergonomic grip design for comfort and reduced vibration. This trimmer is well balanced for even swHedge Trimmers£55.33600W Hedge Trimmer HT60600
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BOSCHAHS41 ACCU CORDLESS HEDGETRIMMER Ergonomic design low weight and lasting power enable you to cut even medium-thick branches. Bosch cHedge Trimmers£74.95AHS41 ACCU CORDLESS HEDGETRIMMER
BOSCHAHS52 ACCU CORDLESS HEDGETRIMMER The Bosch AHS52 ACCU Hedgecutter is powered by two 14.4v batteries which provides 110 minutes runniHedge Trimmers£84.95AHS52 ACCU CORDLESS HEDGETRIMMER
FlymoSaber Cut 2 out of 5Cordless Powered Hedge TrimmerHedge Trimmers£119.00Saber Cut
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STIHLHSE-51 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER Stihl have introduced an electric line of hedge trimmers for those of you that hesitate at the thougHedge Trimmers£125.00HSE-51 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER
Red500W Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer The Red electric hedge trimmer provides a lightweight and easy to use system thats perfect for tidying larger hedges or those hard to reach spots in your garden. With a powerful 500W motor and a telescopic firbeglass shaft this long reach hedge trimmHedge Trimmers£130.00500W Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
STIHLHSE-61 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER Supplied with a slightly larger 500 watt motor and a very useful rotating handle allowing you to opHedge Trimmers£189.00HSE-61 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER
StihlHSE-71/24 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGE TRIMMERHedge Trimmers£189.00HSE-71/24
STIHLHSE-71/28 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER Listing the same impressive specification as the HSE 71-24 the Stihl HSE-71/28 Electric Hedge TrimmHedge Trimmers£199.00HSE-71/28 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER
STIHLHSE-81/28 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER If your garden contains thick woody areas of hedge that require trimming the Stihl HSE-81/28 ElectrHedge Trimmers£245.00HSE-81/28 ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGETRIMMER
FUJI ROBINHT250 PETROL HEDGECUTTER Fuji Robin hedgecutters combine modern state-of-the-art designs with an excellent power to weight raHedge Trimmers£279.94HT250 PETROL HEDGECUTTER
ALPINAHT75K SINGLE-SIDED PETROL HEDGETRIMMER Powered by an endurance-tested 22.5cc Kawasaki engine the Alpina HT75K Single-Sided Petrol HedgetriHedge Trimmers£289.00HT75K SINGLE-SIDED PETROL HEDGETRIMMER
STIHLHLE-71K ELECTRIC POWERED LONG REACH Providing the same convenience and performance as the HLE-71 the Stihl HLE-71K Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmers£339.00HLE-71K ELECTRIC POWERED LONG REACH
STIHLHLE-71 ELECTRIC POWERED LONG REACH Stihl have developed 2 long reach electric hedgetrimmers to assist those of you often found struggliHedge Trimmers£359.00HLE-71 ELECTRIC POWERED LONG REACH
KAWASAKIKHT600D HEDGETRIMMER WITH TWIST GRIP The Kawasaki KHT600D Hedtrimmer is powered by a 22cc 2-stroke engine and has a 23``/589mm double-sidHedge Trimmers£429.00KHT600D HEDGETRIMMER WITH TWIST GRIP
KAWASAKIKHT750D HEDGETRIMMER WITH TWIST GRIP The Kawasaki KHT750D Hedgetrimmer is powered by a 22.5cc two-stroke engine and has a double-sided dHedge Trimmers£459.00KHT750D HEDGETRIMMER WITH TWIST GRIP
STIHLHL100-K/135 LONG REACH HEDGETRIMMER - Offering the same power and performance as the HL100/135 the Stihl HL100-K/135 Long Reach HedgetrimHedge Trimmers£699.00HL100-K/135 LONG REACH HEDGETRIMMER -
Performance Power21cc Petrol Petrol Hedge TrimmerHedge Trimmers21cc Petrol
Performance PowerElectric Hedge Trimmer Electric Hedge TrimmerHedge TrimmersElectric Hedge Trimmer
Performance PowerPP450 PP450 Hedge TrimmerHedge TrimmersPP450
Performance PowerPro PRO24CCHTA 24cc Petrol Hedge TrimmerHedge TrimmersPro PRO24CCHTA
Performance PowerPWR18VHTA 18v Cordless Hedge TrimmerHedge TrimmersPWR18VHTA
Performance PowerPWR500HTA 500w Electric Hedge TrimmerHedge TrimmersPWR500HTA
UnbrandedBattery powered twin hedge or grass trimmer When you've finished trimming the hedge - sides aGardening ToolsWhen you
BLACK and DECKERelectric hedge trimmers Model GT360: 400 watts power. 63cms blade. Cuts brHedge Trimmerselectric hedge trimmers
Black& Decker A6617 lead storage Black and Decker Safe n Tidy outdoor power lead storageHedge Trimmers& Decker A6617 lead storage
BOSCHAHS 42-16 Hedge Trimmer Powerful 420 Watt motor42cm blade length16mm tooHedge TrimmersAHS 42-16 Hedge Trimmer
BOSCHAHS 480-24T Hedge Trimmer Powerful 530 Watt motor48cm blade length24mm tooHedge TrimmersAHS 480-24T Hedge Trimmer
BOSCHAHS 7000 Pro Hedge Trimmer Powerful 650 Watt motor70cm blade length34mm tooHedge TrimmersAHS 7000 Pro Hedge Trimmer
RyobiHKT 2360MT 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer Powerful maruyama 2-stroke engine with diaphragmHedge TrimmersHKT 2360MT 22.5cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer
RyobiHT550 55cm Electric Hedge Trimmer A heavy duty, powerful hedge cutter for hedges tHedge TrimmersHT550 55cm Electric Hedge Trimmer
RyobiHT660 66cm Electric Hedge Trimmer A heavy duty, powerful hedge cutter for hedges tHedge TrimmersHT660 66cm Electric Hedge Trimmer
BOSCHAHS 400-24T Hedge Trimmer FeaturesPowerful 530 Watt motor40cm length bladeHedge TrimmersAHS 400-24T Hedge Trimmer
BOSCHAHS 550-24T Hedge Trimmer FeaturesPowerful 550 Watt motor55cm length bladeHedge TrimmersAHS 550-24T Hedge Trimmer
BOSCHAHS 600-24T Hedge Trimmer FeaturesPowerful 550 Watt motor60cm length bladeHedge TrimmersAHS 600-24T Hedge Trimmer
Performance PowerPWR550HTA Electric Hedge CutterHedge TrimmersPWR550HTA
McCullochVirginia MH452 Petrol-powered hedge trimmerHedge TrimmersVirginia MH452
MCCULLOCHpetrol-powered hedge trimmer Compact cable-free and lightweight Virginia gives you the freedom to tackle the toughest hedgeHedge Trimmerspetrol-powered hedge trimmer
DraperPowerful Cordless Hedge Trimmer 18V Cordless hedge trimmer with hardened single action 460mm long blades for cutting up to 12mm diameterHedge TrimmersPowerful Cordless Hedge Trimmer 18V
OLEO-MACHT26S/27S PETROL HEDGECUTTER With a larger 30`` blade and the power-to-weight advantage of a single sided cutting bar this modelHedge TrimmersHT26S/27S PETROL HEDGECUTTER
ALPINAHT75K SINGLE-SIDED PETROL HEDGECUTTER Powered by an endurance-tested 22.5cc Kawasaki engine the Alpina HT75K Single-Sided Petrol Hedge CuHedge TrimmersHT75K SINGLE-SIDED PETROL HEDGECUTTER
VIKINGHE400 HEDGETRIMMER Viking make powerful hedgetrimmers for designer cutting of hedges and shrubs. They`re just as suitHedge TrimmersHE400 HEDGETRIMMER
VIKINGHE500 HEDGETRIMMER This more powerful 45cm/18`` model has a 500 watt motor and 29mm tooth distance making it suitable Hedge TrimmersHE500 HEDGETRIMMER
VIKINGHE600 HEDGETRIMMER For the most powerful cut choose this 600 watt model. It has a 60cm/24`` cutting blade allowing hiHedge TrimmersHE600 HEDGETRIMMER
VIKINGHE700 HEDGETRIMMER For a larger more powerful cut choose this 600 watt model with 70cm/28`` blade length. Ideal for Hedge TrimmersHE700 HEDGETRIMMER

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