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TECNIFIBRE T-Rebound 275 Pro Lite Ladies Tennis Racket £96.98
With the co-operation of designers and female athletes the program T-Rebound responds to specific requests from the youngest to the most experienced from champion to recreational girl club player. With a unique style designed to change your game this racket commits to the way of excitement and confidence. PU400 Inside Exclusive Process is an exclusive formula of
TECNIFIBRE T-Rebound 275 Pro Lite Ladies Tennis Racket
TECNIFIBRE Team ATP Backpack £29.49
The Team ATP range is designed for the competitor travelling to and from the club by foot or bike. This bag range features an ergonomic backpack structure for a comfortable and secure fit. Features a pocket for two rackets as well as two other pockets; the perfect product to go from school/college to tennis courts. Dimensions: 33cm x 50cm x 19cm
TECNIFIBRE Absolute Backpack £39.98
Condensed efficiency in a backpack designed for competition and practice on the court. 8 Pockets Made up of: *2 Large pockets; AIRPAD pocket and Racket pocket *2 Medium pockets; Shoe pocket and Energy pocket *4 Small pockets; Eyewear pocket Balls pocket; Accessories pocket and Water bottle pocket
TECNIFIBRE Absolute Backpack
TECNIFIBRE Tour ATP Backpack £31.49
A brilliant bag built for players of all abilities. Designed to be worn this has a light and comfortable feeling. It features the main compartment as well as additional zippered pockets adjustable shoulder straps and carry handle. Features: *2 racket compartment *3 pockets *Dimensions: 33 x 50 x 19cm

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