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unbranded garden shredders

Garden Vacuum with Shredder

Garden Vacuum with Shredder
Recycle the waste in your garden with this powerful shredder. Equipped with a quiet self-feeding sys

The Handy 2500w Silent Garden Shredder
Dispose of your garden waste in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible with th

The Handy 2500w Impact Garden Shredder
Greenfingers 2200W Garden Shredder

Greenfingers Garden Shredder
This powerful, easily manoeuvred Garden Vacuum will put an end to the dreary task of sweeping up lea

Twin wheeled Garden Vacuum with Integrated Shredder
1 out of 5
JCB branded shredder

High-Power JCB Shredder
Black and decker gw254 blower vacuum - 1600 watt

B/deckergw254 blower-vacuum-shredder 1600w
Black and decker mastervac

B/decker gw250 mastervac blower vacuum shredder
Black and decker gw200 blowervac vac and shred

B/decker gw200 mastervac vacuum / shredder
This drum shredder is wonderfully quiet for  a mac

Mowerland Drum Shredder
Metal Steel

10 x 4ft Pent Metal Shed
GardenVac 1500 Plus

garden shredder

1800W Shredder
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