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UnbrandedBathroom Set (Sylvanian Families)- Flair Contains bathroom furniture and accessoriesDolls Houses£14.99Contains bathroom furniture and accessories
UnbrandedAdditional Conservatory Roof Vent - White AdditionalSylvanian Families£129.99Additional Conservatory Roof Vent - White
UnbrandedSylvanian Families Deluxe Oakwood Manor Beautifully designed house comes with 3 floorsDolls Housesbeautifully designed house comes with 3 floors
UnbrandedBramble Cottage (Sylvanian Families)- Flair Can be stacked above other Sylvanian buildingsDolls HousesCan be stacked above other Sylvanian buildings
UnbrandedSylvanian Families - Orchard Cottage- Flair Sylvanian Families - Orchard Cottage, Flair toy / gameDolls HousesSylvanian Families - Orchard Cottage, Flair toy / game
UnbrandedVictorian Living Room Set (Sylvanian Families)- Flair 5 out of 5Contains over 20 pieces inclduing furniture and accessoriesDolls HousesContains over 20 pieces inclduing furniture and accessories
UnbrandedSylvanian Families - Fox Family- Flair Sylvanian Families - Fox Family, Flair toy / gameSoft ToysSylvanian Families - Fox Family, Flair toy / game
UnbrandedSylvanian Families - Rabbit Family- Flair 4 piece set: Father, Mother, Brother and SisterSoft Toys4 piece set: Father, Mother, Brother and Sister
UnbrandedHoneybear Family The Honeybear family from Sylvanian families features Bertie, Tamsie, Diggory and Katy Honey bear as millers and bakers. Suitable for ages 4+.Role Play ToysHoneybear Family
UnbrandedSylvaniain Families Village Shoe Shop This delightful set comes with three pairs of shoes to fit Sylvanian babies, three pairs for the children and four pairs for their parents. There is a shop counter to display all the shoes, a mirror, seat, plus lots of accessories to complete the shoRole Play ToysSylvaniain Families Village Shoe Shop
UnbrandedScanimation Gallop ScanimationSylvanian FamiliesScanimation Gallop
UnbrandedCompact Digital Camera Case CompactSylvanian FamiliesCompact Digital Camera Case
UnbrandedSlate Cheese Board Set SlateSylvanian FamiliesSlate Cheese Board Set
UnbrandedKeyboard Starter Pack KeyboardSylvanian FamiliesKeyboard Starter Pack
UnbrandedPre-owned: Cars - DS Pre-owned:Sylvanian FamiliesPre-owned: Cars - DS
UnbrandedGlacier Pendant Light Shade GlacierSylvanian FamiliesGlacier Pendant Light Shade

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Sylvanian Families Caravan £44.99
Sylvanian families love to enjoy their leisure time, and when they need to get away from their village, they often take caravan trips. This caravan is ideal for creating a home away from home. The whole family will benefit from over 30 included accessories, a kitchen area for making meals, a seating area for enjoying time together, and a shower room for cleaning up after adventurous days.
Sylvanian Families Caravan
Sylvanian Families Maple Manor £74.99
A beautiful residence which opens up to reveal 4 rooms, Maple Manor is the perfect house for versatile play. Complete with interchangeable sections, leave the house closed to showcase the outside detailing or have it fully open for maximum play space. You can even arrange into an L shape to create a cosy home. Packed full of lovely features, the manor includes a handy carport with terrace, internal movable staircase and a balcony on the first floor. Additional floor pieces allows you to extend the manor, and when the sun is out, turn the pieces over to create a garden. Also includes four sockets so that you can add lights (not included). Figures sold separately.
Sylvanian Families Maple Manor
Sylvanian Families Saloon Car & Picnic Set £17.99
Your favourite Sylvanian Families figures can travel in style in this wonderful family saloon car. With plenty of room for four Sylvanian Families characters - an entire family - it's perfect for big adventures. Included with the car is an intricate picnic set to feed a hungry family at the end of a long journey.
Sylvanian Families Saloon Car & Picnic Set
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family £15.99
Meet the Chocolate Rabbit family from the wonderful woodland world of Sylvanian Families! The four friendly figures in this set are the father, Frasier Chocolate, mother, Teri Chocolate, and children Coco and Freya. With beautifully detailed faces and fur and adorable outfits in bright colours, this cheerful happy family is a perfect start to your Sylvanian Families collection.
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family

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