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Yamaha YCL-255 S £382.84
Yamaha YCL-255 S Bb Clarinet, new model with a new bell design and new designed thumb rest, Boehm system, ABS body, 17 keys, silver plated plated keywork, 6 rings, incl. Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, lightcase and accessories Brass / Clarinets
Yamaha YCL-255 S
Yamaha YCL-857 II £3533.31
Yamaha YCL857 II Bb Clarinet - custom series, completely handmade, German style, Oehler system, E/F bell mechanism, 27 keys, 5 rings, grenadilla body, silver plated keys, 2 barrels (54mm & 56mm), BG L7 ligature, includes M3D mouthpiece and case. Brass / Clarinets
Yamaha YCL-857 II
Yamaha YCL-221 II S £1880.25
Yamaha YCL-221 II S Bass Clarinet in Bb - Boehm (french) system, low Eb- model, two-piece ABS body, 20 keys, 7 covered finger holes, silver plated mechanics and bell, leather pads, adjustable thumb rest, easy to carry, includes 4C mouthpiece and case. Brass / Clarinets
Yamaha YCL-221 II S
Yamaha YCL-CSV- E £2048.43
Yamaha YCL- CSV- E, Bb- Boehm Klarinette, Custom serie, integrals tone holes with hand- tapered undercut, 17 keys, 6 rings, silver plated, Eb key on the left side, Grenadilla body, Yamaha 4CM Ebonite mouthpiece, incl. case Brass / Clarinets
Yamaha YCL-CSV- E

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