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10ml La laque

YSL 10ml La laque

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Yamaha YSL-354 E £547.83
Yamaha YSL-354 E Tenor Trombone - for beginner, brass, includes case. Brass / Trombones
Yamaha YSL-354 E
Yamaha YSL-640 £1625.20
Yamaha YSL-640 Bb/F-tenor trombone, professional-serie, with f-attachment, bore: ML: 13,34 mm (0,525), bell: brass, 214,4 mm (8,5), weight: standard, outer slide: yellow brass, inner slide: nickel silver, gold lacquered, incl. mouthpiece and case Brass / Trombones
Yamaha YSL-640
Yamaha YSL-350 C £935.48
Yamaha YSL-350 C - compact Bb trombone with Bb/C rotor valve, short slide, gold brass bell, gold lacquered finish, includes case. Brass / Trombones
Yamaha YSL-350 C
Yamaha YSL-354 V £1045.19
Yamaha YSL-354 V Valve Trombone - 12.7mm M-bore, 3 perinet-valves, 204.4mm brass bell, lacquered, includes case and Nr 48 mouthpiece. Brass / Trombones
Yamaha YSL-354 V

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