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Carpet Cleaner Glossary of Terms

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Carpet Cleaner Glossary of Terms

Go$149.99 Bissell SpotBot Portable Hand Held Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8-A Multicolor - 33N8-A star
Shop for Floor Mops, Shampooers and Steam Cleaners from! Truly the ultimate in convenience the Bissell SpotBot Portable Hand Held Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8 allows you to choose the appropriate cleaning setting and walk away leaving the machine to do the work! This powerful machine delivers cleaning solution and water deep into the carpet to clean from the bottom up.Additional Features:Overall dimensions: 9W x 17D x 13.50H inchesDeep Reach technology delivers solution and water deep into the carpet to clean from the bottom upWhen used with Pet Stain and Odor Remover cleaner removes up to 99% of odor-causing bacteriaCompletes over 400 brush revolutions in 1 surface stain cycle for thorough and effective stain removalMicroban antimicrobial protection fights against bacteria mold and mildew inside the machine32 oz. capacity; 7-inch cleaning path16-foot cord; weighs 12.5 lbs.1-year limited warrantyAbout BissellMelville Bissell patented the BISSELL carpet sweeper in 1876 once of the first mechanical sweepers ever conceived. Shortly after he built the first Bissell manufacturing plant in Michigan and began assisting Americans and the world suck it up and tackle the confounding and unhealthy problem of dust-laden carpets and floors. Remaining a technology and trend innovator in the field of home cleaning solutions for the next 100+ years Bissell remains committed to bringing you the most advanced effective and practical solutions for keeping your home clean. Hayneedle
Go$130.00 Bissell Spotbot Pet Pet Stain Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaner, Handsfree star
Get rid of all the stains and dirt on your carpets with the Bissell 33N8 handheld vacuum. The Deep Reach Technology of this Bissell Vacuum helps discharge the water and solution into the carpet for rigorous cleaning. All kinds of surfaces including your carpet, upholstery, auto, and stairs can be cleaned efficiently. Additionally, the Bissell 33N8 handheld vacuum has a provision for storing the tough stain brush. A button lets you to switch the cleaning cycles. This Bissell Vacuum, when used with Pet stain and Odor formula aong with water, removes 99 percent of bacteria that cause odors. Plus, all the dirty water and formula is suctioned directly into the water collection tank through the vacuum flex hose. eBay
Go$215.00 Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner star
The Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner provides an easy, convenient and hands-free way to clean stains in your home. specially designed for homes with petsDeep Reach technology cleans carpet fibers from the bottom upMicroban product protection is built in to the unit to prevent growth of bacteria, mold, mildew within the cleanerremoves 99% of odor-causing bacteria when used as directedhands-free stain cleaning with preset cyclesunique Spiral Brush helps lift dirt and stainssprays and suctions to dry in one step32-oz. dirty tank capacityPlastic and metal. Measures 14.68x10.63x19.06H. 1-year manufacturer s limited warranty. Imported. JCPenney
Go$149.00 Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8 star
Bissell 33N8 Features: -Deeper, better cleaning with innovative deep reach technology.-Unique spiral brushing.-Hands free cleaning and manual cleaning options.-Microban protection.-Handles the rigors of pet stains with ease.-Product Type: Robotic vacuum.-Collection: SpotBot.-Color: Silver.-Distressed: No.-Powder Coated Finish: No.-Gloss Finish: Yes.-Water Resistant: No.-Allergen Filtration: No.-Leakproof: Yes.-Ash Safe: Yes.-Detachable Waste Compartment: Yes.-Cordless: No.-Bags Needed: No.-For Pet Owners: Yes.-For Automobile Interiors: No.-Wall Mountable: No.-Lightweight: Yes.-Floor Type: Carpet.-Cord Storage: Yes -Auto Cord Retract: No..-Number of Attachments: 1.-Exhaust Filter: No.-Wattage: 360.-Light Included: No.-Steam: No.-Mop Pads Included: No.-Cleaning Solution: Yes -Cleaning Solution Included: Yes..-Commercial Use: No.-Recycled Content: No.-Eco-Friendly: Yes.Specifications: -3 Amps / 32 ounce tank capacity.-UL Listed: Yes.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 12.5.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 17.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 9.-Cord Length: 192.-Hose: Yes.-Overall Product Weight: 14.Assembly: -Additional Parts Required: No.Warranty: -Manufacturer provides 1 year warranty. Wayfair
Go$399.00 Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Deep Carpet Cleaner 09597 star
Professional grade deep cleaner. Easy to use - 1 pass cleaning with no tiresome, repetitious back and forth motion. Engineered to last - designed to be the last carpet cleaner you will ever need. Lowe's
Go$499.99 Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Value Pack - Blue star
Find steam cleaners and floor polishers at! The mighty pro x3 by rug doctor is the ultimate in home carpet cleaning. Featuring separate clean- and dirty-water tanks, the rug doctor offers professional cleaning results. Fully portable, it has a carry handle for easy transportation. Carpet shampoo is included. Target

Glossary of Carpet Cleaners Terms


A spray crevice tool, a bare floor tool, an upholstery brush and a tough stain brush are attachments that are typically included in the price of the cleaner. Attachments vary by model and will be determined by your specific needs.

Auto Mix Cleaning System
This ensures that the hot water and cleaning solution mix are at the right concentration for optimum results.


The rows of bristles on the brush bar can vary. Some models can have 10 or 12 rows that will help increase the agitation of the carpet fibres for a more thorough clean.

Built In Heater
With a built in heater the water will generally be thermostatically maintained at the optimum temperature for the job in hand. Most models allow temperature selection. Cheaper models may not include a heater and will require you to pre-heat the water before pouring it into the cleaner's tank with a consequent risk of scalding. The water, once transferred to the cleaner's tank can start to cool rapidly and will reduce the cleaning effectiveness


Cable Length
The longer the cable, the further you can use your cleaner away from a mains plug socket. A longer cable can save you time and effort looking for and plugging in an extension cable.

Carrying Handle
Some models have a handle built into the body. This is particularly useful when you need to carry the cleaner to a different place for another cleaning job, such as taking it upstairs.

Circuit Breaker
If a large object is accidentally caught up in the brushes of your cleaner, a circuit breaker will automatically shut off the brush movement to prevent damage to the machine. Similarly, a circuit breaker can potentially detect an electrical problem and shut down the machine to prevent damage or danger to the operator.

Cleaning Width
This is the width of the head of the cleaner. The wider the head the less time it will take to finish the job but the harder it will be to clean intricate areas -- which is why many carpet cleaners come with multiple attachments.

Clean Water Tank capacity
This is capacity of the tank holding the fresh water used to clean the carpet and is typically in the region of 4 litres for a domestic cleaner. The waste or dirty water tank generally has a similar capacity.

Compact Cleaners
These portable lightweight models are ideal for the odd accident or as a spot cleaner, as well as upholstery cleaner. Because of their size, they are also easy to store but tend to sacrifice suction power, water capacity and functionality in order to achieve reduced weight.


Dirty Water Tank Capacity
Tank capacity is measured in litres and can range from 2 litres up to 5.2 litres, depending on model. The more liquid in the tank, the heavier the cleaner will be to push and the more effort that will be required from you. For cleaning a 10x12 ft room, a 2 litre tank will generally be large enough before the water needs changing.

The more powerful the motor and suction power of the cleaner, the drier your carpet will be after cleaning, as more of the wet solution will be removed from the carpet.


Edge Cleaning
The cleaner has side brushes and suction in order to provide edge-to-edge or up-to-the-wall cleaning.


Flexible Hose
A flexible hose with an attachment allows you to get into tighter areas for cleaning applications such as car or caravan upholstery and interiors.


Heat Indicator Light
Lights up to let you know that the water has reached the desired temperature.

Heat Up Time
Heat up time is determined by the power of the carpet cleaner's internal heater, together with the temperature of the water used to fill the clean water tank. If you fill the tank with hand hot tap water, the on-board heater will only take a few minutes to reach its working temperature, usually around the 25 degree Celsius mark -- but do be careful not to scald yourself with the hot water.


Lay Flat Handle
This is a useful feature when faced with the challenge of cleaning under low furniture and similar places. It allows the handle of the attachment to lie almost if not entirely horizontally whilst keeping the attachment head at its operating position.


On-Board Tools
Here, the cleaner's tools will always be to hand when you need them, stored in or around the body of the cleaner. This removes the need to go searching for them and wasting valuable time and effort in doing so.


Measured in Watts. The higher the wattage of the cleaner the more powerful the motor. Motor wattage can range from 600W to over double this at 1400W. Do bear in mind that a higher wattage suggests but doesn't guarantee greater suction power. Different cleaners operate at different levels of efficiency depending upon their design. Also remember that total power consumption will include both the motor and the water heater and the balance between these two will vary significantly from model to model.

Powered Hand Tool
These include a powered brush, usually electrically powered although some are air-driven. They are ideal for stair cleaning and for removing pet stains and odours from upholstery.

Power jet Technology
A high pressure spray technology that injects the tap water and the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres to get down deep into the pile of the carpet.

Power Wash-Brush
Two powered scrub brushes oscillate to agitate embedded dirt and stains for a more thorough deep down clean.


Rotating Brush Bar
For a deep cleaning, especially on longer pile carpet and rugs, a rotating brush bar agitates deep into the carpet fibres to remove hidden dirt. Some models have two brush bars for double the effect.


Scotch Guard Protector
Scotch Guard is a patented solution that can be applied to your carpet and upholstery so that it becomes more resistant to dirt and stains. Some carpet cleaners include a Scotch Guard spray facility as part of the main cleaning process. The use of this facility is invariably optional.

Spray Trigger
Pressing this, sprays your cleaning solution onto the carpet fibres beneath your cleaner and then the brush bars beat it into the carpet fibres as part of the cleaning process.

Static Brush Bar
This agitates the fibres on the surface of the carpet and assists in loosening the dirt.

Stair Hose
A hose length for cleaning full height stairs (13 steps) is an extremely useful feature. By definition, many carpet cleaners are fairly heavy and of significant size. Trying to balance them halfway up the stairs is likely to lead to disaster.


Tank Carrying Handle
Positioned on top of the tank, this makes it safer and easier to carry when you remove it from the cleaner to fill up with water or to dispose of the dirty water that has been removed from your carpet.

Tank Sizes
The larger the tank size, the less time you will spend on refilling / emptying the cleaner, but the greater the weight of the cleaner during operation. Tank sizes vary significantly from model to model.

The tubes used as part of the cleaner's attachments can be either plastic or metal depending on the model. Metal tubes offer the advantage of durability but must be manufactured from high quality stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Plastic tubes are cheaper and lighter but their connections may not be as durable.

Turbo Brush
See powered hand tool above.


Upright Cleaners
Most modern carpet cleaners are in upright form, akin to the upright layout of a vacuum cleaner. Some are, however, available in cylinder form, with professional cleaners often preferring the manoeuvrability and larger storage capacity of a cylinder model.


Water Heater
See built-in heater above.

Weight can vary from a lightweight model of around 5 Kg, to 11 Kg or greater. Weights are almost always given 'dry' so remember that once the tanks have been filled up with water and cleaning solution, the cleaner will be heavier. Weight trades off against motor / suction power, tank capacity (and thus running time) and functionality. The balance between these will be determined by your own specific requirements.

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