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Carpet Cleaners Product Information and Specifications

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Argos V135AV Carpet Washer Argos V135AV product image
Bissel 7920 Deep Carpet Cleaner Bissel 7920 product image
Bissel Proheat Deep Bissel Proheat Deep Cleaner. Bissel Proheat Deep product image
BISSELL 13A2E Oxy Pro Aerosol Carpet Spot and Stain Remover No description (Barcode EAN = 5053086300026). BISSELL  13A2E Oxy Pro Aerosol Carpet Spot and Stain Remover product image
BISSELL 1698K Powerwash Proheat with Turbobrush Professional Deep Cleaner No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120169911). BISSELL  1698K Powerwash Proheat with Turbobrush Professional Deep Cleaner product image
BISSELL 2 in 1 Featherweight Vacuum - AF700 No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120001525).
BISSELL 2562E Featherweight Light Weight Vacuum Cleaner No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120123074).
BISSELL 2X Natural Orange Advanced Formula Carpet Shampoo No description (Barcode EAN = 5055268579701).
BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odour Advanced Formula Carpet Shampoo With Scotchgard No description (Barcode EAN = 5055268579725).
BISSELL 946 ml Big Green Allergen Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Formula No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120052893).
BISSELL 946 ml Big Green Pet Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Formula No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120052930).
BISSELL Cleanview Proheat Carpet Cleaner No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120087604).
BISSELL Steam and Sweep Steam Mop - Titanium and Blue No description (Barcode EAN = 5035048270011).
Bissell 1622E Carpet Cleaner
Bissell 1694E Deluxe deep cleaner white/blue
Bissell 1697E Power Wash Pro Deep Cleaner
Bissell 1698-J/K Proheat deep cleaner black
Bissell 1698K Proheat deep cleaner black
Bissell 1698Y PowerWash Pro Upright Deep Cleaner
Bissell 18Z7E Carpet Cleaner
Bissell 2070J Quickwash Powerbrush
Bissell 2080 Pet Wash Upright Carpet/Bare Floor Deep Cleaner
Bissell 2080E Pet Wash Upright Carpet/Bare Floor Deep Cleaner
Bissell 2200 Metal sweeper red
Bissell 2400 Carpet sweeper blue
Bissell 2650 Carpet sweeper blue
BISSELL 3 x 1.42-litre wash and protect shampoo For use in all Bissell Upright Cleaners and all 3-
Bissell 44L6E CleanView PowerBrush Deep Cleaner
BISSELL 58X5E Oxy Pro Pet Oxygen Activated Pet Spot and Stain Remover No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120019957).
Bissell 7901J Proheat 2 Powerwash
Bissell 7920 Proheat Pro-Tech Deep Cleaner.
Bissell 7920E Carpet Shampooer
BISSELL 7920K Carpet washer
BISSELL 8910E Pro Heat 1400 watt aroma powerwash carpet cleaner
Bissell 9200E Proheat 2X Upright Deep Cleaner
Bissell 9400E Upright Deep Cleaner
Bissell 9500E Carpet Cleaner
Bissell Catchall Electric Carpet/Hard Floor Sweeper
Bissell Flip-Ease Dry Vacuum and Wet Mop,
BISSELL Homecare Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam No description (Barcode EAN = 0011120186192).
Bissell metal sweeper blue Metal sweeper blue durable steel body
Bissell PROdry 79T3E Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning
Bissell Proheat 2X Carpet Cleaner
Bissell Proheat Aroma Carpet Cleaner
Bissell Proheat Pro-Tech Bissell Proheat Pro-Tech Deep Cleaner
Bissell Quick Wash plus 1950 Bissell Quick Wash plus Carpet/Floor Deep Cleaner 1950
Bissell Quickwash 2 1970 Upright Carpet and Bare Floor Cleaner
Bissell QUICKWASH2 Deep cleaner blue 600W
Bissell Vacuum 7920-E Proheat Pro-Tech upright deep cleaner 1400W
DIRT DEVIL Klassic Manual Klassic Manual Floor Sweeper
DOMENA Actisurf AS 50 Steam Broom Steam Broom
Ewbank Combisweep Ewbank Combisweep Floor/Carpet Sweeper.
Ewbank Easy Sweeper Sweeper Clean Cleaning
Ewbank Evo 3 Carpet Sweeper, Red No description (Barcode EAN = 5034595102882).
Ewbank Sprite Ewbank Sprite Carpet Sweeper.
Ewbank Products Ltd Ewbank Carpet Sweeper No description (Barcode EAN = 5051349354359).
G-Tech SW05 Electronic rechargeable sweeper
G-Tech SW10 Electronic rechargeable sweeper
G-Tech SW11 Electronic rechargeable sweeper
Kiam 10 Kg Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Detergent Powder No description (Barcode EAN = 8087285050212).
Kiam Power Products 5kg Carpet & Upholstery Detergent Cleaner Powder No description
Morphy Richards 70455I Compact Steam
Morphy Richards 70465 Carpet Cleaner
Morphy Richards 70495 Carpet Cleaner
MORPHY RICHARDS Rechargeable POD Sweeper Rechargeable POD Sweeper.
NUMATIC GVE370 George Cleaner
Prochem CONTRACT CARPET EXTRACTION CLEANER REACH 2 CLEAN LTD Contract Carpet Extraction Cleaner. A powerful, safe and economical low foam detergent concentrate for use in carpet soil extraction machines. Turquoise liquid with lavend (Barcode EAN = 0609788489573).
Prochem FIBRE & FABRIC RINSE REACH 2 CLEAN LTD Fibre andamp; Fabric Rinse. A professional acidic rinse agent for neutralising alkaline pre-sprays and stabilising colours. WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool ca (Barcode EAN = 0609788489597).
Prochem Contract Carpet Extraction Cleaner Prochem Contract Carpet Extraction Cleaner is a powerful, safe and economical low foam detergent concentrate for use in carpet soil extraction machines.
Turquo (Barcode EAN = 7314172635513).
Prochem E764 Natural Carpet Defoamer 5L Natural Carpet Defoamer A concentrated defoaming agent for use in extraction machine recovery tanks. Formulated with ingredients that break down naturally in waste water (Barcode EAN = 5060026721254).
Prochem Galaxy AX500 Professional Upholstery Carpet Cleaning Machine No description (Barcode EAN = 0678021227012).
Prochem Genuine Replacement Part Male Quick Connect Brass Fitting Prochem genuine replacement parts and accessories.
Male quick release solution hose fitting GU00104.
With 1/4`` thread.
The Brass plug is suit (Barcode EAN = 0678021227654).
Prochem Industrachem x1 Product Code: E772-05 Natural Carpet Cleaner 5 LITRE From Prochem No description (Barcode EAN = 0615872301522).
Prochem Natural Carpet Defoamer 5L Natural Carpet Defoamer 5L
A concentrated defoaming agent for use in extraction machine recovery tanks. Formulated with ingredients that break down naturally in (Barcode EAN = 0620974973645).
Prochem S777 Crystal Green 4Kg CRYSTAL GREEN. Premium non-ionic carpet extraction detergent for spectacular results on tough, oily and greasy soils. Crystal Green`s unique non-ionic formula is compatib (Barcode EAN = 5060026720080).
Rowenta RH8548KA Rechargeable AirForce Cleaner- 18V
Sebo 3000GY Duo Dry Carpet Cleaner
Unbranded Aquavac 3 in 1 Aquavac 3 in 1 canister vacuumbagless
Unbranded Carpet Cleaning Kit Carpet Cleaning Kit.
Unknown Extract Low Foam Perfumed Carpet Cleaner 5 Litre For use in extraction machine, this low foaming concentrate leaves a clean fresh fragrance. An environmentally low impact product that is also suitable for pre-spraying b (Barcode EAN = 5055421020088).
Vax AAA Improved Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Solution (750ml) No description (Barcode EAN = 5055524933780).
Vax 3-in-1 Multifunction, Multivax & Wash Vax Water Supply Tube Assembly No description (Barcode EAN = 5055268580998).
VAX 4034 Carpet Cleaner
VAX 6140 Pet Vac Carpet Washer
vax 6151SX Multifunction 6 in 1 1500w Carpet Cleaner
Vax AAA Carpet Cleaner Upholstery Cleaning Solution Shampoo Woolsafe Approved 750ml No description (Barcode EAN = 5055516202139).
Vax AAA Standard Carpet Cleaning Solution 1.5L Vax AAA Carpet Cleaner Solution will refresh and clean your carpets deep down leaving them re-vitalised and with a fresh fragrance.
(Barcode EAN = 5012512123615).
vax All Terrain Carpet Washer
VAX CCW301 RAPIDE Upright Carpet Washer
VAX CCW302 RAPIDE DELUXE Upright Carpet Washer
VAX CCW502 POWERJET PRO Upright Carpet Washer
VAX CCW701 RAPIDE XL Upright Carpet Washer
VAX Hard Floor Washer/Drier Vax Hard Floor Washer/Drier.
VAX Luna 1300 Carpet Cleaner
Vax Multifunction Canister Carpet Washer Carpet Cleaner
vax Oasis V133 Complete Carpet Cleaner
Vax Power Max Carpet Washer
Vax Pre Treatment Carpet Trigger Spray, 500 ml No description (Barcode EAN = 5012512135564).
Vax Rapide Classic Carpet Washer Carpet Cleaner
Vax Rapide Spring Clean Carpet Washer Carpet Washer
Vax U88-P1-B Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner VAX Super Hero high powered cleaning device in black. Outstanding results, perfect for all homes. (Barcode EAN = 5012512138282).
VAX V-025 Deep carpet - washer cleaner
Vax V020P Carpet washer
vax V020U Cylinder Carpet Washer
Vax V021A Rapide Spring Carpet Cleaner
Vax V021M Rapid Spring Carpet Shampooer
Vax V021T Carpet washer upright
Vax V021TES Rapide Spring Carpet washer
Vax V022Q Rapide Carpet Washer
VAX V023 Rapide supreme carpet washer
Vax V023PT Rapide Supreme Pre Treatment Carpet Washer
Vax V024a Rapid upright wet & Dry Carpet Cleaner
Vax V026CC Carpet washer Rapide Deluxe
Vax V026U Deluxe Carpet Washer
VAX V027 Carpet Washer
VAX V027 Rapide XL 750W Rapide XL Carpet Washer
VAX V027M Carpet Washer
vax V027U Carpet Washer
VAX V027Y Carpet Washer
Vax V028 Rapide Power Jet Pro
Vax V028AN Powerjet Pet Anniversary Ed Carpet Washer
Vax V028M Rapide Power Jet
Vax V028MPT Carpet washer
Vax V028pt Carpet Cleaner
vax V028PU Rapide Powerjet Pet Carpet Washer
vax V028U Rapide Powerjet PRO Carpet Washer
Vax V029 Rapide Total Floors
Vax V033 Rapide Portable Carpet Washer
VAX V081B Compact Steam Cleaner
Vax V085U Carpet Cleaner
Vax V123 Agility Heat Carpet Cleaner
Vax V125 All Terrain Carpet Washer
vax V125A All Terrain Carpet Washer
vax V126 Integra Carpet Washer with Spot Cleaner
Vax V128 Agility Compact Carpet Washer
VAX V130 Carpet washer
vax V135 Spring Clean Washer
VAX VEW01 Carpet Washer
VAX VP18 Total Home Cleaning Package
Vax VP41 Carpet Cleaner
VAX VRS14W 600Watts Rapide Classic Carpet Washer 3.5 Litre (Barcode EAN=5012512134819)
Vax VRS16 Carpet Cleaner
Vax VRS19W Carpet Cleaner
Vax VRS5W Rapide Spring 600w Carpet Washer
Vax VRS6W Carpet Washer
Vax VRS6W 500W Powermax Carpet Washer No description (Barcode EAN = 5012512131412).
Vax VRS7U Upright Pets Vacuum Cleaner
VAX VS25 Rapide Carpet Washer
Vax W87RUHQ Carpet Cleaner
Vax W89-RU-VX Carpet Washer
Vax W90-RU-VX Carpet Washer
Vax W90RUB Carpet Cleaner
Vax W91-RS-B-AN Carpet Washer


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