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Titan CD420

Music On Hold Player (Barcode EAN = 0761294087572). (Barcode EAN = 0674110536218). (Barcode EAN = 0883494238117). (Barcode EAN = 3307210322074).
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Titan CD420
Titan CD-420 Music on Hold Player The Titan CD-420 Music on Hold player is built to withstand the continuous operation demanded by music on hold applications and has a 16-bit DAC for high quality sound. There is a proven Samsung chipset on the servo board as well as a Sanyo laser pick up. The maximum headphone output levelD is 6.2V rms for 0dB test signal. Features Max headphone output level 6.2Vrms for 0db test 16 bit DAC chip for high quality sound Proven Samsung chipset on servo board Sanyo laser pick up 7 year meantime between failures Colour Black

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