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Hasbro Jenga

Classic wooden building block game (Barcode EAN = 5010994337339). (Barcode EAN = 5023117383847). (Barcode EAN = 5010994337339). (Barcode EAN = 5023117383847).
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Hasbro Jenga

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User Reviews

Average Rating:  5 out of 5

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There are 5 reviews for this product.

Jenga is fun for everyone to play, but best when their is a group of you. I do not think there is any chance of me beating the Guiness Book of Records entry for the amount of levels you can have, but i will continue to give it a good try.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 09Jun2009
Come on now - its Jenga.

Its a game for heavy fun with friends that is guranteed to produce many laughs, perhaps a few minor arguments and a tad of frustration.

But overall, great fun and boy its got to be in your games cupboard.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 09May2008
I played this a lot in Thailand... they have games in most of the bars and even clubs. They showed me a variation which makes the game more fun and a little less time consuming (should you have others waiting to play.) What you do is place the block you remove on the top of the tower on its side rather than flat, over to one side but not right at the edge. Then place the next block the same way, parallel to the first, like a short train line. The next two blocks which are removed go on top of these in a similar fashion but going the opposite way, looking like a noughts and crosses (tik tak toe?) grid. This builds the height and is less stable making the game that bit more challenging!

You can play this game in groups too, each taking a turn to remove a block, or in teams. You can also write challenges or tasks on the hidden side of the blocks (kiss the person to your right, buy the person to your left a drink etc...)

I think this simple little game is an awful lot of fun! Worth every penny!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 30Dec2007
54 wooden blocks, each looking like a miniature 2` X 4` come in a box. The game starts with 18 layers of three blocks each, stacked to make a tower. Players take turns removing blocks from below the top level (due to slight imperfections in size, there is always at least one loose block per level) and adding them on top to build new levels. The game goes until somebody topples it. The number of players ranges from one to many.
The game can become very competitive, with players hunting for the good (loose) blocks and setting up the next player in a precarious situation.
The game helps build eye-hand coordination and fine motor control, for children or for adults who have suffered serious injuries (strokes, spinal cord injuries, etc.). Planning ability and patience also get exercised.
The blocks are made of hard wood, and mine look new after years of use.
Caution: After the events of 9/11/01, a game based on building and toppling a tower might be traumatic to some people.
Minor complaints: There is a window/opening in the side of the box and, if you dont put the blocks in right, they escape. The game can take some time to set up.
Overall: A lot of fun!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 07Oct2005
Jenga is a great game, minimal effort required to set up the blocks, slight concentration to play, no effort required to knock it down.
Good Sturdy game as built out of wood!
Overall- a must for every home, a great way to spend an evening!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 28Feb2005

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