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John Adams Golden Coin Maker

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John Adams Golden Coin Maker

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User Reviews

Average Rating:  2 out of 5

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There are 11 reviews for this product.

Purchased this despite all the negative reviews on the product. Kids absolutely love it. Yes its slow, fiddly and you spend a lot of time waiting around but it can occupy the kids for hours and hours. No coins make it through the process for more than 2 seconds before they get eaten! Get lots of extra chocolate and more foil but it will keep them quiet and happy for days on end!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 3 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 01Jun2009
As with all these types of toys you need to put time aside to set up and make. We found the chocolate doesnt melt as easily as made out in the instructions. My 8 year old loves it and wants to make them every time her friends are round!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 3 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 17Feb2009
Bought this for my son for Christmas following his pleas for such a gimmick and that it was the only thing he really wanted! It is good fun-he and hes friends all love it until they realise its going to take about 30 mins to produce 2 chocolate coins. You dont get a great deal of foil -so will need to get a refill soon (weve only managed 6 coins so far)!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 02Feb2009
Would have given no stars if I could,this toy was very disappointing.Takes ages for chocolate to melt, needs parental help. Very upset child as was looking forward to having it!! Played with it once then got fed up with the constant waiting (you have to put the coins in the freezer once you have managed to make them!)

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 02Feb2009
Although this toy has some educational value, children get very bored in wating ffor the result of the product, i am waiting to see its durability. Not much chocolate or foil supplied.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 2 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 01Feb2009
Whilst your 5 year old may by fascinated by the thought of making chocolate coins...I would suggest you take them aside and divert them somewhere else.

After about 2 hours you will have managed to manufacture...wait for it 2 or 3 (small) chocolate coins!!!

Perfect for those whicker basket making, sandle wearing hippy parents who want to empathise and connect. Take em over to the park for a knock about with a football is my advice, (your child that is...not the hippy parents...hmmm on second thoughts)

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 26Jan2009
I could not feel more dismayed. My 5 year old Son wanted this toy above all others for Christmas. Imagine his joy as he ripped off the wrapping paper to discover hed received the number one item on his Christmas wish list.

Now imagine my horror.

This flimsy, pointless, inadequate toy has almost reduced me to tears. Melting cheap chocolate buttons on a warmish bottle of water??? Thats 20 minutes of my life Ill never get back! A tight arse pack of gold paper and an embosser that doesnt emboss??! The results were pathetic. Nasty cheap chocolate, melting as soon as you remove it from the freezer, gold paper barely holding the goo in place, half a pattern you couldnt possibly make out and intense disappointment all round.

My children barely had the attention span to hang around until the chocolate melted. That was probably for the best. It ended with me cursing John Adams with a string of highly creative expletives. Strange, Id never even said the C word before this escapade.

Enjoy counting your real gold coins, John Adams, I dont know how you sleep at night.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 01Jan2009
This is a complete waste of money, dont even buy it just to please the kids as they loose interest at the 33 step instructions to produce scrappy clad chocolate without any pictures on. Give the kids 50p to go buy their own coins, much more fun.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 27Dec2008
My daughter age 5 wanted this but after reading the reviews I wasnt sure. It proved to be a great present and good fun on Christmas day. If you think youll just turn a handle and lots of coins pop out without you having to do anything them I suggest you buy a bag of coins and go back to your comfy sofa and the telly! The steps arent difficult if you have the ability to read and follow instructions and one run through with my daughter and she could work it out herself. Yes there is a bit of a wait melting the chocolate (use water which has been boiled but is not boiling for speed), then there is a 15 minute wait for them to set in the freezer, but you can get on with two more coins while youre waiting, cut some more foil, pick your stamps etc.
The only complaint is the foil is stingy (enough for 7 coins) but as normal kitchen foil and everyday chocolate buttons can be used then you dont need to spend more money on expensive refills like some things.
You should buy this if your child is the sort who likes to follow and think things through rather than want instant gratification, or just want the chocolate, and also you should consider whether you are willing to put in some effort with them or not.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 27Dec2008
Having stumbled on Amazon to buy another chocolate coin maker, this time for my niece, its a shame to see it has had such bad results. My son got this last christmas and absoutely adores making the coins. The machine is extremely easy to use, comes with everything you need to make at least over 2 dozen coins to start with and is very safe for children. The only thing I do is pour the hot water in the melter, everything else is perfectly safe for a young one to do themselves including the very easy cutter.

We have since ran out of the foil and chocolate that was origially purchased so now use tin foil and any brand chocolate and find this works just as good.

Ignore all poor reviews - I assure you any child will love this, the only ones that dont are the adults that dont want to spend the time on it!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 08Dec2008
My children had been looking forward to this for ages. They have seen it on the tv and thought they would be making lots of golden coins at christmas. I wasnt so sure but as they were so set on it I bought it them for christmas. What a waste of money my children sadly learnt that the reality of what these advertisers show on the tv is not in fact the reality of trying to make them yourself. Even as I sat with them they were bored to the fact we made two coins and its never been touched since. It took forever to melt the chocolate then it had to go into the fridge. Children like to be able to make a product and see it in one go not over a period of days. This needs to be clear when advertising these toys as the makers might get their money but what about the dissapointed kids?
My opinion dont buy it invest in some shape cutters and melt your own chocolate on kitchen foil, wait to dry and cut them out yourself, cheaper, more fun and a lot less hassel.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 31Oct2008

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