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Bissell90D3E CLEANVIEW QUICKWASH UPRIGHT CARPET WASHER 2.0 litres clean water capacity,500 watts motor power,8 metre cord,2 year guarantee (Barcode EAN=0011120085945)Vacuum Cleaners£99.9990D3E
VaxW91RSBAN Upright Carpet WasherCarpet Cleaners£125.00W91RSBAN
VaxV-026CC The V-026CC Match Classic is a lightweight. manoeuvrable upright carpet washer that can also suck up accidental spills. Rotating brushes gently agitate carpet fibres to loosen and lift dirt. odours and allergens from your carpets. It has a wash tool Vacuum Cleaners£129.00V-026CC
Bissell18Z7E CLEANVIEW DEEP CLEAN UPRIGHT CARPET WASHER 3 litres clean water capacity,1850 watts motor power,8 metre cord (Barcode EAN=0011120084962)Vacuum Cleaners£266.9918Z7E
VaxV-124 Vax upright carpet washer with 1350 watts motor power. 7 litre capacity and includes a Turbo brush thats ideal for pet hair or fine fibres 3.7 litres clean water capacity,3.3 litres dirty water capacity. Free 6 year guarantee - includes parts and labVacuum Cleaners£329.99V-124
VAXV025 Rapide Upright Carpet WasherWet & Dry CleanersV025
VAXCCW301 RAPIDE Upright Carpet WasherCarpet CleanersCCW301 RAPIDE
VAXCCW502 POWERJET PRO Upright Carpet WasherCarpet CleanersCCW502 POWERJET PRO
VAXCCW701 RAPIDE XL Upright Carpet WasherCarpet CleanersCCW701 RAPIDE XL
VAXV-026 Carpet Washer Lightweight, upright Carpet Washer with rotating brushbar and on-board upholstery wash tool to cleanOther ProductsV-026 Carpet Washer
VAXCCW302 RAPIDE DELUXE Upright Carpet WasherCarpet CleanersCCW302 RAPIDE DELUXE
VaxV021T Carpet washer uprightCarpet CleanersV021T
VaxV-028CC Vax match power upright carpet cleaner with PowerJet technology that pumps solution deep into carpet pile to lift and remove trapped dirt. odours and allergens. It will also clean upholstery. stairs and sucks up accidental spills. Carpet washer cleanVacuum CleanersV-028CC
Bissell34T2E CLEANVIEW PROHEAT UPRIGHT CARPET WASHER 2.8 litres clean water capacity,1400 watts motor power,8 metre cord (Barcode EAN=0011120087604)Vacuum Cleaners34T2E
Bissell22K7E CLEANVIEW LIFT-OFF UPRIGHT CARPET WASHER 2.5 litres clean water capacity,1400 watts motor power,6.6 Metres metre cord,1.2 Metres hose length (stretched) (Barcode EAN=0011120084276)Vacuum Cleaners22K7E
Bissell37Y8E CLEANVIEW REACH UPRIGHT CARPET WASHER 2.8 litres clean water capacity,500 watts motor power,8 m metre cord,2 year guarantee (Barcode EAN=0011120082326)Vacuum Cleaners37Y8E

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Hoover CJ630T Cleanjet Upright Carpet Washer £94.99
Care for your carpets and have them looking fresh with ease, using this CJ630T carpet washer from Hoover. Don't just stop at carpets though, as this machine also cleans hard floors, stairs and upholstery with its fixed multi-row brush bar and removable 4 in 1 tool! It also sucks up spills for any unexpected accidents and has a carry handle which can fold away for fitting into small storage areas. Suitable for carpets, hard floors, stairs and upholstery. 4.5 litre clean water tank capacity. 2.3 litre dirty water tank capacity. 7m power cord. 2.5m hose. Sucks up spills. Carry handle. Includes fixed multi-row brushbar and removable 4 in 1 tool. Weight 5.8kg. EAN: 8016361874725.
Hoover CJ630T Cleanjet Upright Carpet Washer

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