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hoover washing machine spares

Tub Gasket

Hoover Tub Gasket
Duct Feed Pipe

Hoover Duct Feed Pipe
Plastic Drum Pulley C-Seal

Hoover Plastic Drum Pulley C-Seal
Pressure Chamber

Hoover Pressure Chamber
Spinner Belt

Hoover Spinner Belt
Recirculating Pipe

Hoover Recirculating Pipe
Tub Top Spring

Hoover Tub Top Spring
Drum Bearing Kit

Hoover Drum Bearing Kit
Drum Pulley Bolt

Hoover Drum Pulley Bolt
Outer Door Trim (White)

Hoover Outer Door Trim (White)
Grey Door Window

Hoover Grey Door Window
Tub Sealing Ring

Hoover Tub Sealing Ring
Inner Door Trim (White)

Hoover Inner Door Trim (White)
Rear Foot

Hoover Rear Foot
Soap Dispenser Drawer

Hoover Soap Dispenser Drawer
Door Seal

Hoover Door Seal
Door Hook Kit

Hoover Door Hook Kit
Door Hinge

Hoover Door Hinge
Tub Top Spring

Hoover Tub Top Spring
Timer ratchet knob

Hoover Timer ratchet knob
Timer knob assembly

Hoover Timer knob assembly
Thermostat Seal

Hoover Thermostat Seal
Termostat Seal

Hoover Termostat Seal
T2000 type timer knob

Hoover T2000 type timer knob
T2000 control knob

Hoover T2000 control knob
Syphon cover

Hoover Syphon cover
Suspension rod nut

Hoover Suspension rod nut
Support strap

Hoover Support strap
Spin V belt

Hoover Spin V belt
Spin tub outlet seal

Hoover Spin tub outlet seal
Sin Shaft Bearing

Hoover Sin Shaft Bearing

Hoover Screw
Rear foot

Hoover Rear foot
Pulsator V belt

Hoover Pulsator V belt
Pulsator pulley

Hoover Pulsator pulley
Pressure switch tube

Hoover Pressure switch tube
Polyvee 5 Rib Belt

Hoover Polyvee 5 Rib Belt
Orange indicator belt

Hoover Orange indicator belt
New style sump hose

Hoover New style sump hose
New style pressure tube

Hoover New style pressure tube
Mtor Armature Carbons Kit

Hoover Mtor Armature Carbons Kit
Magic sliders

Hoover Magic sliders
Hose clip - pack of 5

Hoover Hose clip - pack of 5
Grey Door Window

Hoover Grey Door Window
Front panel bush

Hoover Front panel bush

Hoover Foot

Hoover Dum
Dryer timer knob

Hoover Dryer timer knob
Drum spider

Hoover Drum spider
Drum Pulley Bolt

Hoover Drum Pulley Bolt
Drum Counterface

Hoover Drum Counterface
Drum Carbon Seal

Hoover Drum Carbon Seal
Drum Bearing Spacer Kit

Hoover Drum Bearing Spacer Kit
Door release lever kit

Hoover Door release lever kit
Door release button

Hoover Door release button
Door lever bracket

Hoover Door lever bracket
Door handle

Hoover Door handle
Door gasket

Hoover Door gasket
Dispenser fill tube

Hoover Dispenser fill tube
Dispenser body

Hoover Dispenser body
Baring Kit

Hoover Baring Kit

Hoover Armature
5kg drum

Hoover 5kg drum
3 way dispenser nozzle

Hoover 3 way dispenser nozzle
25m red fill hose

Hoover 25m red fill hose
25m drain hose

Hoover 25m drain hose
25m blue fill hose

Hoover 25m blue fill hose
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