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Sony RDRHX725

DVD recorder with 160Gb HDD (Barcode EAN = 4905524334043). (Barcode EAN = 4905524334029). (Barcode EAN = 4905524334012). (Barcode EAN = 4905524334029). (Barcode EAN = 4905524334043).
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Sony RDRHX725

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User Reviews

Average Rating:  3 out of 5

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There are 3 reviews for this product.

I withheld getting a HD Recorder for a long while and felt Id done my research well. After 15 months or less than heavy usage, the Hard Disk has given up and died `HDD Error`. Rebooting, powering off for a while, reformatting the disk have all failed to correct the problem. I cant even use it as a standalone DVD player or recorder because it always wants to find the HDD first.

I found the machine slow to start up, I found it frustrating that it did did switch to a widescreen display format despite being configured to do so, I was confused why I was unable to ever pause a live recording. It was bemusing that the disk would start spinning noisily at random times in the day with the rather irritating fan noise.

Im not going to bother to get it fixed. Sony can do much better.

I didnt bother to get the machine fixed - I managed to do it myself!
You can enter service mode - take a lead from Video Out 2 (simple phono and plug into your TV). Press and Hold `Open/ Close` and `Play` at the same time. Now insert the power lead and hold the buttons for about 10 seconds. Run the machine and disk checks. You can format the disk and reset to factory defaults. The disk checks all failed.

I also removed the disk (a simple Maxtor SATA150 device - nothing special) - and ran it in my PC. I downloaded the disk diagnostic tool from Seagate (who own Maxtor) and did a full disk check - there were no errors). So I re-installed the disk into the recorder, ran all the service checks again (this time the disk passed everything!). Id forgotten what a pain it was to re-configure the unit, but the good news is, everything now works and I didnt spend any money. No thanks to Sony... I think it would be really easy to upgrade to a larger disk BTW.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 2 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 22Apr2008
This is one brilliant recorder, a perfect compliment to the Freeview set-top-box.

The Review:
Excellent quality HDD recording, offering an array of different quality recording modes. The Guide Plus system allows futures programs to be scheduled for recording in a few seconds.

No more searching through endless tapes to find which you recorded that program last week, just access the menu and away you go! Once recorded to the HDD it can be transferred to a DVD with a few easy steps.

The SetUp (with reference to a Sony Set-Top-Box)
The manual is comprehensive but can be confusing especially when it comes to setting up the recorder to find all the available digital channels via the Freeview box. This description should help clear any confusion and get your recorder recording in no time.

1.Use connection A on Page 14
2.Turn to Page 13 and read the second sentence: `Do NOT set `Line3 Input` of the `Scart Setting` to `Decoder` in the `Video` setup when making connection A or B. We now need to implement this so press the `SYSTEM MENU` button  SETUP  Video  Scart Setting (press ENTER). Select the following option: Line1 Output: Video, Line3 Input: Video/RGB, Line3 Output: Video. Exit this Guide.
3.Press `TV GUIDE` scroll across to `Setup`  Basic Setup. Fill in the Settings options, set External Receiver 1: Freeview - SONY - Line3.
4.Select `Host Channel Setup`: Source: Tuner, Programme Number: 03, Host Channel Name: ITV. Press `Confirm` to confirm these details.
5.Set the Freeview box channel to ITV, switch off the TV and the DVD recorder but leave the Freeview box on. Wait overnight and all the channels should now be displayed when `TV GUIDE` is selected on the remote control.

Voila! The recorder should now be able to record any channel available on the Freeview box.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 14Nov2007
I have now had 2 of these. The first one failed to accept any pre-recorded discs and was tempremental. Amazon replaced it straight away but the replacement started skiping and locking up when replaying HDD recordings and refused to copy to discs. Amazon refunded in full. We are now probably going to get the more modern RDRHXD870B and give that a go. The HX725 manual is huge and not too good, but if youre reasonably competent you should be OK...

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 3 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 08Aug2007

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