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Hard drive - portable - 30 GB
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Mobile MHL2300AT - Hard drive - portable - 30 GB - DMA/ATA-66 (Ultra) - Slim Line internal - 12 ms - 4200 rpm
These latest drives provide 10, 15, and 20GB capacities in an ultra-slim 9.5mm form factor and 30GB in a slim 12.5mm form factor. These specifications finally bring desktop capacities to the mobile computer marketplace. With the ability to store up to 8 DVD movies, 46 music CDs, or nearly 300 high-resolution digital photographs these drives both meet and exceed the requirements of today's demanding multimedia applications. With a standard 2MB multi-segmented buffer and with internal data transfer rates of up to 28.7MB/sec these drives are performance optimized for today's multimedia, Internet and network connectivity applications.

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