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NamcoAce Combat Advance GBAAce Combat Advance - Gameboy Advance Game
AtariAction Man Robot Atak GBAGameboy Advance Games - Action Man Robot Atak
UBI SOFTAdvance Heroes Guardian GBA 3 out of 5Gameboy Advance Games - Advance Heroes Guardian
NINTENDOAdvance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising GBA 5 out of 5Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising - Gameboy Advance Games
ACCLAIMAgassi Tennis GBAAgassi Tennis for GBA
ACCLAIMAggressive Inline GBAAggressive Inline for GBA
CAPCOMAladdin GBA 4 out of 5Aladdin - Gameboy Advance Games
UBI SOFTAlex Fergusons Player Manager 2002 GBA 5 out of 5Alex Fergusons Player Manager 2002 for GBA
THQAlex Rider StormBreaker GBAAlex Rider: StormBreaker - Gameboy Advance Game
ActivisionAlienators Evolution Continues GBA 5 out of 5Alienators Evolution Continues for GBA
THQAltered Beast GBA 3 out of 5Altered Beast - Gameboy Advance Games
IgnitionAnimal Snap GBA 4 out of 5Animal Snap - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOAnimaniacs GBAAnimaniacs GBA
EMPIREAntz Extreme Racing (GBA)Antz Extreme Racing (for GBA)
3DOArmy Men Advance GBA 3 out of 5Army Men Advance, for Game Boy Advance
3DOArmy Men Operation Green GBAArmy Men: Operation Green, for Game Boy Advance
AtariArthur and the Invisibles GBAArthur and the Invisibles - Gameboy Advance Game
AtariAsterix & Obelix XXL GBA 4 out of 5Asterix And Obelix XXL - Gameboy Advance Games
THQAstro Boy Omega Factor GBA 5 out of 5Gameboy Advance Games - Astro Boy - Omega Factor
AtariAtomic Betty GBAAtomic Betty - Gameboy Advance Game
ACCLAIMATV Quad Power Racing GBAATV Quad Power Racing for GBA
3DOATV Thunder Ridge Racers GBAATV: Thunder Ridge Racers - Gameboy Advance Game
GameFactoryBabar To The Rescue GBABabar: To The Rescue - Gameboy Advance Game
TelegamesBacktrack GBA 4 out of 5Backtrack, for Game Boy Advance
AtariBackyard Hockey GBABackyard Hockey - Gameboy Advance Games
VirginBaldurs Gate Dark Alliance GBABaldurs Gate Dark Alliance - Gameboy Advance Games
Bam EntertainmentBallistic Ecks vs Sever GBA 3 out of 5Ballistic Ecks vs Sever for GBA
THQBanjo Kazooie Gruntys Revenge GBA 1 out of 5Banjo Kazooie: Gruntys Revenge - Gameboy Advance Games
THQBanjo Pilot GBA 4 out of 5Banjo Pilot - Gameboy Advance Games
VivendiBarbie As The Princess And The Pauper GBABarbie As The Princess And The Pauper - Gameboy Advance Games
UniversalBarbie Groovy Games (GBA) 5 out of 5Barbie Groovy Games (for GBA)
THQBarnyard GBA 5 out of 5Barnyard - Gameboy Advance Game
EABatman Begins GBAGameboy Advance Games - Batman Begins
UBI SOFTBatman Rise Of Sin Tzu GBABatman Rise Of Sin Tzu - Gameboy Advance Game
MajescoBattleBots Beyond The BattleBox GBABattleBots: Beyond The BattleBox - Gameboy Advance Games
AtariBeyblade GBA 4 out of 5Beyblade - Gameboy Advance Games
AtariBeyblade Grevolution GBABeyblade Grevolution - Gameboy Advance Games
ZOO DIGITALBig Mutha Truckers GBA 3 out of 5Big Mutha Truckers - Gameboy Advance Game
EIDOSBionicle Heroes GBABionicle Heroes - Gameboy Advance Game
THQBionicle Maze of Shadows GBAGameboy Advance Games - Bionicle : Maze of Shadows
LegoBionicle Quest for the Toa GBA 1 out of 5Lego Bionicle: Quest for the Toa - Gameboy Advance Games
THQBlack Belt Challenge GBA 4 out of 5Black Belt Challenge for GBA
BlizzardBlackthorne GBA 4 out of 5Blackthorne - Gameboy Advance Games
AtariBlender Bros GBABlender Bros - Gameboy Advance Games
KonamiBoktai 2 Solar Boy Django GBAGameboy Advance Games - Boktai 2 Solar Boy Django
KONAMIBoktai the Sun is in Your Hand GBA 5 out of 5Boktai: the Sun is in Your Hand - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOBomberman NES Classic GBA 2 out of 5Bomberman - NES Classic - Gameboy Advance Games
KemcoBoulder Dash EX GBABoulder Dash EX for GBA
THQBoxing Fever GBA 3 out of 5Boxing Fever for GBA
THQBratz Forever Diamondz GBABratz: Forever Diamondz - Gameboy Advance Game
UBI SOFTBratz GBABratz for GBA
CAPCOMBreath of Fire 2 GBA 5 out of 5Breath of Fire 2 for GBA
UBI SOFTBreath of Fire GBA 4 out of 5Breath of Fire, for Game Boy Advance
THQBritneys Dance Beat (GBA) 4 out of 5Britneys Dance Beat (for GBA)
NINTENDOBroken Sword GBA 5 out of 5Broken sword the shadow of the templars
DISNEYBrother Bear GBA 5 out of 5Brother Bear - Gameboy Advance Games
Vicarious VisionsBruce Lee Return of the Legend GBA 5 out of 5Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend - Gameboy Advance Games
EMPIREBubble Bobble GBA 4 out of 5Bubble Bobble, for Game Boy Advance
THQBuffy the Vampire Slayer Wrath of the Darkhul King GBA 3 out of 5Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wrath of the Darkhul King - Gameboy Advance Games
VivendiButt-Ugly Martians BKM Battles GBAButt-Ugly Martians: B.K.M. Battles, Game Boy Advance
D3PublisherCabbage Patch Kids Puppy Rescue GBACabbage Patch Kids Puppy Rescue - Gameboy Advance Game
ZOO DIGITALCandyland + Chutes and Ladders + Memory GBA 4 out of 5Candyland + Chutes and Ladders + Memory - Gameboy Advance Game
NINTENDOCare Bears Care Quest GBACare Bears: Care Quest - Gameboy Advance Game
THQCars GBA 4 out of 5Cars - Gameboy Advance Game
THQCartoon Network Block Party GBACartoon Network Block Party - Gameboy Advance Game
THQCartoon Network Double Pack GBACartoon Network Double Pack - Gameboy Advance Game
THQCartoon Network Speedway GBACartoon Network Speedway - Gameboy Advance Game
KONAMICastlevania Circle of the Moon GBA 4 out of 5Castlevania Circle of the Moon for GBA
KONAMICastlevania Double Pack GBA 5 out of 5Castlevania Double Pack - Gameboy Advance Game
KONAMICastlevania Harmony of Dissonance GBA 4 out of 5Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance for GBA
NINTENDOCastlevania Nes Classics GBA 4 out of 5Gameboy Advance Games - Castlevania (Nes Classics GBA)
WANADOOCastleween GBACastleween - Gameboy Advance Games
SEGACharlottes Web GBACharlottes Web - Gameboy Advance Game
UBI SOFTChessmaster GBAChessmaster for GBA
ZOO DIGITALChicken Little GBAChicken Little - Gameboy Advance Game
NINTENDOChu Chu Rocket 5 out of 5Chu chu rocket gba
THQColumns & Chu Chu Rocket GBA 4 out of 5Columns & Chu Chu Rocket - Gameboy Advance Games
SEGAColumns Crown GBA 5 out of 5Columns Crown
KONAMIContra Advance The Alien Wars EX GBA 5 out of 5Contra Advance - The Alien Wars EX for GBA
NINTENDOCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 1 GBACrash & Spyro Super Pack - Volume 1 Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOCrash & Spyro Super Pack Volume 2 GBACrash & Spyro Super Pack - Volume 2 Gameboy Advance Games
VivendiCrash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced GBA 4 out of 5Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced for GBA
VivendiCrash Bandicoot Fusion GBA 5 out of 5Crash Bandicoot: Fusion - Gameboy Advance Games
UniversalCrash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure GBACrash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure - Gameboy Advance Game
VivendiCrash Fusion + Spyro Fusion GBACrash Fusion + Spyro Fusion Double Pack - Game Boy Advance
VivendiCrash Nitro Kart GBA 5 out of 5Crash Nitro Kart - Gameboy Advance Games
KemcoCrazy Chase GBACrazy Chase for GBA
UBI SOFTCrazy Frog Racer GBA 1 out of 5Crazy Frog Racer - Gameboy Advance Game
THQCrazy Taxi Catch a Ride GBA 4 out of 5Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOCreatures GBA 3 out of 5Creatures, for Game Boy Advance
UBI SOFTCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon GBA 4 out of 5Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Gameboy Advance Games
MIDWAYCruisn Velocity GBA 2 out of 5Cruisn Velocity for GBA
NINTENDOCT Special Forces GBA 4 out of 5CT Special Forces for GBA
THQDanny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy GBADanny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy - Gameboy Advance Game
EncoreDaredevil GBA 4 out of 5Daredevil for GBA
THQDark Arena 2 out of 5Blast through hordes of mutated organisms
ActivisionDave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 GBA 4 out of 5Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 - Gameboy Advance Game
ACCLAIMDave Mirra XXX (GBA) 5 out of 5Dave Mirra XXX (for GBA)
NINTENDOdavid beckham soccer 2 out of 5David beckham soccer gba
UBI SOFTDavis Cup Tennis GBA 2 out of 5Davis Cup Tennis for GBA
NamcoDead to Rights GBADead to Rights - Gameboy Advance Games
MIDWAYDefender GBADefender - Gameboy Advance Games
ZOO DIGITALDefender of the Crown GBADefender of the Crown - Gameboy Advance Games
RAGEDenki Blocks GBA 5 out of 5Denki Blocks for GBA
Bam EntertainmentDexters Laboratory Chess Challenge GBADexters Laboratory Chess Challenge - Gameboy Advance Game
Bam EntertainmentDexters Laboratory Deesaster Strikes GBA 4 out of 5Dexters Laboratory-Deesaster Strikes - Gameboy Advance Games
AtariDigimon Racing GBA 1 out of 5Digimon Racing - Gameboy Advance Games
EADisney Party GBA 1 out of 5Disney Party - Gameboy Advance Games
THQDisney Princess GBA 4 out of 5Disney Princess Gameboy Advance Games
BUENADisney Princess Royal Adventure GBADisney Princess - Royal Adventure Gameboy Advance Game
KONAMIDisney Sports Football GBADisney Sports Football for GBA
KONAMIDisney Sports Motocross GBADisney Sports Motocross - Gameboy Advance Games
KONAMIDisney Sports Skateboarding GBADisney Sports Skateboarding for GBA
KONAMIDisney Sports Snowboarding GBADisney Sports Snowboarding - Gameboy Advance Games
BUENADisneys American Dragon Jake Long Rise of the Huntsclan GBADisneys American Dragon - Jake Long - Rise of the Huntsclan GBA
THQDisneys Cinderella Magical Dreams GBA 5 out of 5Disneys Cinderella: Magical Dreams - Gameboy Advance Game
ActivisionDisneys Extreme Skate Adventure GBA 3 out of 5Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure - Gameboy Advance Games
BUENADisneys Lilo & Stich 2 + Peter Pan Twin pack GBADisneys Lilo and Stich 2 and Peter Pan - Twin pack - GBA
BUENADisneys Little Einsteins GBADisneys Little Einsteins - Gameboy Advance Game
BUENADisneys Pirates of the Carribean GBA 5 out of 5Disneys Pirates of the Carribean - Gameboy Advance Games
UBI SOFTDogz 2 GBADogz 2 - Gameboy Advance Game
UBI SOFTDogz Fashion GBA 5 out of 5Dogz Fashion - Gameboy Advance Game
NINTENDODonkey Kong Country 3 GBA 5 out of 5Donkey Kong Country 3 - Game Boy Advance
NINTENDODonkey Kong Country GBA 4 out of 5Donkey Kong Country, Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDODonkey Kong King of Swing GBA 4 out of 5Gameboy Advance Games - Donkey Kong : King of Swing
ActivisionDoom (GBA) 4 out of 5Doom II for GBA
BBC MultimediaDora The Explorer The Search For Pirate Pigs Treasure GBA 4 out of 5Dora The Explorer - The Search For Pirate Pigs Treasure - Gameboy Advance Game
Atlus USADouble Dragon Advance 5 out of 5Double Dragon Advance - Gameboy Advance Games
TAKE 2Downforce (GBA)Downforce (for GBA)
NINTENDODr Mario Nes Classics GBA 4 out of 5Dr Mario (Nes Classics GBA) Gameboy Advance Games
MIDWAYDr Muto GBADr Muto, for Game Boy Advance
VivendiDr Seuss Cat in the Hat GBADr Seuss Cat in the Hat - Gameboy Advance Games
TAKE 2Dr Sudoku GBA 1 out of 5Dr Sudoku - Gameboy Advance Game
AtariDragon Ball Z Taiketsu GBA 4 out of 5Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu - Gameboy Advance Games
NewKidCoDragon Tales Dragon Adventures GBADragon Tales: Dragon Adventures (GBA)
Infogrames UkDragonball Advanced Adventure GBA 5 out of 5Gameboy Advance Game - Dragonball Advanced Adventure
Infogrames UkDragonball Z Collectible Card Game GBA 5 out of 5Dragonball Z Collectible Card Game, Game Boy Advance
AtariDragonball Z The Legacy Of Goku II GBA 5 out of 5Dragonball Z: The Legacy Of Goku II - Gameboy Advance Games
Bam EntertainmentDriven GBA 4 out of 5Driven, for Game Boy Advance
Infogrames UkDriver 2 Advance (GBA) 3 out of 5Driver 2 Advance (for GBA)
NINTENDODroopy Tennis Open GBADroopy Tennis Open for GBA
SwingDroopys Tennis Open GBADroopys Tennis Open - Gameboy Advance Game
Metro3DDual Blades GBADual Blades for GBA
AtariDuel Masters Sempai Legends GBADuel Masters - Sempai Legends! - Gameboy Advance Games
AtariDuel Masters Shadow Of The Code GBADuel Masters: Shadow Of The Code - Gameboy Advance Game
TAKE 2Duke Nukem Advance GBA 3 out of 5Duke Nukem Advance for GBA
Infogrames UkDungeon & Dragons Eye of the Beholder GBA 3 out of 5Dungeon & Dragons Eye of the Beholder for GBA
NINTENDODynasty Warriors Advance GBADynasty Warriors Advance - Gameboy Advance Game
MajescoEarthworm Jim 2 (GBA) 3 out of 5Earthworm Jim 2 (for GBA)
Bam EntertainmentEcks vs Sever GBA 5 out of 5Ecks vs Sever for GBA
ZOO DIGITALEd Edd n Eddy Jawbreakers GBAEd Edd n Eddy - Jawbreakers! - Gameboy Advance Game
MIDWAYEd Edd n Eddy The Mis Edventures GBAEd, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures - Gameboy Advance Game
NINTENDOEggo Mania GBAEggo Mania for GBA
Play ItElf The Movie GBAGameboy Advance Games - Elf - The Movie
VivendiEragon GBA 4 out of 5Eragon - Gameboy Advance Game
KONAMIESPN Great Outdoor Games Bass Tournament GBA 3 out of 5ESPN Great Outdoor Games Bass Tournament for GBA
KONAMIESPN International Winter Sports GBA 4 out of 5ESPN International Winter Sports for GBA
KONAMIESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding 2 GBAESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding 2 for GBA
NINTENDOExcitebike Nes Classics GBA 4 out of 5Excitebike (Nes Classics GBA) - Gameboy Advance Games
WANADOOExtreme Ghostbusters GBAExtreme Ghostbusters - Gameboy Advance Game
NINTENDOF-Zero GP Legend GBA 5 out of 5F-Zero: GP Legend - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOF-Zero Maximum Velocity GBA 4 out of 5F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, for Game Boy Advance
EAF1 2002 GBAF1 2002 Gameboy Advance Games
THQFairly Odd Parents Clash With The Anti-World GBAGameboy Advance Game - Fairly Odd Parents Clash With The Anti-World
THQFairly Odd Parents Shadow Showdown GBAGameboy Advance Games - Fairly Odd Parents - Shadow Showdown
Activisionfantastic four flame on GBA 3 out of 5Fantastic four flame on - Gameboy Advance Game
ActivisionFantastic Four GBAGameboy Advance Games - Fantastic Four
Hip InteractiveFear Factor Unleashed GBAFear Factor Unleashed - Gameboy Advance Game
EAFIFA Football 2005 GBA 3 out of 5FIFA Football 2005 - Gameboy Advance Games
BBC MultimediaFightbox GBA 4 out of 5Fightbox - Gameboy Advance Games
THQFila Decathlon GBA 5 out of 5Fila Decathlon for GBA
Square EnixFinal Fantasy 4 Advance GBA 4 out of 5Final Fantasy 4 (IV) Advance - GBA
Square EnixFinal Fantasy 5 Advance GBA 4 out of 5Final Fantasy 5 (V) Advance - GBA
NINTENDOFinal Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls GBA 4 out of 5Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOFinal Fantasy Tactics GBA 5 out of 5Final Fantasy Tactics - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOFinal Fantasy VI Advance GBA 5 out of 5Final Fantasy VI Advance (6) - Gameboy Advance Game
UBI SOFTFinal Fight One GBA 4 out of 5Final Fight One for GBA
THQFinding Nemo + The Incredibles GBAFinding Nemo + The Incredibles - Gameboy Advance Games
THQFinding Nemo GBA 4 out of 5Finding Nemo - Gameboy Advance Games
THQFinding Nemo The Continuing Adventures GBA 4 out of 5Finding Nemo: The Continuing Adventures - Gameboy Advance Games
THQFinding Nemo/Monsters- Inc GBAFinding Nemo/Monsters- Inc. - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOFire Emblem GBA 5 out of 5Fire Emblem - Gameboy Advance Games
NINTENDOFire Emblem The Sacred Stones GBA - 5 out of 5Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones - Game Boy Advance
SwingFlintstones Big Trouble in Bedrock GBA 3 out of 5Flintstones Big Trouble in Bedrock for GBA
D3PublisherFlushed Away GBAFlushed Away - Gameboy Advance Game
ZOO DIGITALFord Racing 3 GBAFord Racing 3 - Gameboy Advance Game
MajescoFortress GBAFortress for GBA
GameFactoryFranklin Great Adventures PS2Franklin Great Adventures - Playstation 2 Game
Nelvana EntertainmenFranklin The Turtle GBAFranklin The Turtle - Gameboy Advance Games
CraveFreestyle Scooter GBAFreestyle Scooter for GBA
KONAMIFrogger Adventures GBA 4 out of 5Frogger Adventures GBA
KONAMIFroggers Adventures 2 GBAFroggers Adventures 2 for GBA
KONAMIFroggers Journey The Forgotten Relic GBAFroggers Journey The Forgotten Relic - Gameboy Advance Game
NINTENDOGame & Watch Gallery Advance GBA 5 out of 5Game & Watch Gallery Advance for GBA
ZOO DIGITALGame of Life + Yahtzee + Payday GBA 5 out of 5Game of Life + Yahtzee + Payday - Gameboy Advance Game
GameFactoryGarfield And His Nine Lives GBAGarfield - And His Nine Lives - Gameboy Advance Game
RAGEGo Go Beckham (GBA) 5 out of 5Go Go Beckham (for GBA)

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