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Mattel Barbie Horse Adventure GBA

Barbie Horse Adventure - Gameboy Advance Games (Barcode EAN = 5050053005281).
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Mattel Barbie Horse Adventure GBA
Race into action with Barbie in the 1st Barbie Horse Adventures for Game Boy Advance!
Itís a National Grand Horse Charity Event and youíre invited! Join Barbie on horseback and ride through 8 unique locations in a race to reach the finish line! Meet friends along the way and compete in events at the farming village, national park and mountains. You can help Barbie and her horse run, jump and navigate through each area, combining skill and speed to dodge obstacles and even collect flowers, coins and balloons along the way! Use your skills to earn gold coins for charity and ribbons for your trophy case. Itís the ultimate in horse racing as you and Barbie compete for victory!
Full features:
Choose outfits for Barbie to wear. Add special touches to your very own horse by selecting its colour and mane!
Ride through lush countryside, gallop around rock formations, canter down country roads and more!
Discover special power-ups that help Barbie and her horse enhance their skills Ė run faster and jump higher!
Earn special event ribbons as you complete each event. Store your blue, red or white ribbons in the stable trophy case!
Advance through each event and unlock 4 mini games for more fun and surprises!
Collect a photo album of horses with fun horse facts!
2 player fun - challenge one of your friends to a mini game!

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