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NINTENDO Adventures Dinosaur Planet GC

Starfox Adventures Dinosaur Planet Gamecube Game
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NINTENDO Adventures Dinosaur Planet GC
Thanks to the efforts of Brit developer Rare, Fox McLoud is back, and this time he's venturing out on foot for an arcade adventure romp that marries classic combat, post-Zelda exploration, and a 3D engine that's considered revolutionary even by Gamecube standards. Featuring amazing water effects (right down to the way immersed items are refracted), real-time shadowing, a clever focus blurring technique, and some flawless character design and animation, Starfox Adventures has our hero exploring a massive world populated by highly evolved dinosaurs, calling on old friends Slippy, Peppy, and Rob for help. There's also new sidekick Tricky, who can be instructed to find useful items or perform other tasks. Up in space Fox gets to fly his famous Arwing. Down on the dinosaur planet he's out on foot (paw?), though, and so must defend himself using a powerful staff. In addition to providing a vital line of defence this baby packs in all kinds of special attacks, enabling Fox to blast, shock, and freeze his ene
And he'll need all those special powers when battling armies of dinos, or boss bad guys who tower hundreds of feet high. Packed with puzzles, huge bouts of arcade combat, and blessed with the sort of graphics and other presentation touches to make you feel proud to own a Gamecube, Starfox Adventures is the business

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