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SONYXR-CA670XCassette player114.99 SONY XR-CA670X product image
SONYXR-CA370X 1 out of 5Cassette player79.99 SONY XR-CA370X product image
Acoustic EnergyAegis Neo 8 SubAcoustic Energy Aegis Neo 8 Subwoofer - In Car Entertainment304.19 Acoustic Energy Aegis Neo 8 Sub product image
Polk AudioPolk PSW110 SubwooferPolk PSW110 Subwoofer263.50 Polk Audio Polk PSW110 Subwoofer product image
Polk AudioPolk PSW111 SubwooferPolk PSW111 Subwoofer304.19 Polk Audio Polk PSW111 Subwoofer product image
Polk AudioPolk PSW125 SubwooferPolk PSW125 Subwoofer355.07 Polk Audio Polk PSW125 Subwoofer product image
Polk AudioPolk PSW1000 (LSiW) SubwooferPolk PSW1000 (LSiW) Subwoofer1118.10 Polk Audio Polk PSW1000 (LSiW) Subwoofer product image
Polk AudioPolk CSW200 Install SubwooferPolk CSW200 Install Subwoofer609.42 Polk Audio Polk CSW200 Install Subwoofer product image
Polk AudioPolk CSW155 Install SubwooferPolk CSW155 Install Subwoofer812.90 Polk Audio Polk CSW155 Install Subwoofer product image
Polk AudioPolk CSW100 Install SubwooferPolk CSW100 Install Subwoofer - In Car Entertainment507.68 Polk Audio Polk CSW100 Install Subwoofer product image
Audio ProSub Ace Bass 2Audio Pro Sub Ace Bass 2 500W Active Subwoofer610.42 Audio Pro Sub Ace Bass 2 product image
EposM SubwooferEpos M Subwoofer660.28 Epos M Subwoofer product image
QuadL2 SubwooferQuad L2 Subwoofer712.12 Quad L2 Subwoofer product image
JamoC80SUB SubwooferJamo C80SUB Subwoofer1017.38 Jamo C80SUB Subwoofer product image
JamoSUB300 SubwooferJamo SUB300 Subwoofer386.60 Jamo SUB300 Subwoofer product image
AudicaCS-SUB8 SubwooferAudica CS-SUB8 Subwoofer203.47 Audica CS-SUB8 Subwoofer product image
JamoA70SUB/AL SubwooferJamo A70SUB/AL Subwoofer559.56 Jamo A70SUB/AL Subwoofer product image
Monitor AudioMA Bronze BRW10 SubwooferMonitor Audio Bronze BRW10 Subwoofer366.25 Monitor Audio MA Bronze BRW10 Subwoofer product image
DaliIkon SubwooferDali Ikon 230V Subwoofer762.03 Dali Ikon Subwoofer product image
VelodyneVelobyne SPL-R-800 SubwooferVelodyne SPL-R-800 Subwoofer711.16 Velodyne Velobyne SPL-R-800 Subwoofer product image
YamahaYST-FSW100 SubwooferYamaha YST-FSW100 130W Subwoofer117.00
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Proficient AudioProficient S8 SubwooferProficient S8 80W High Power Subwoofer300.08
Audio ProSub B1.28 Subwoofer*WHAT HI-FI 5 STARS* Audio Pro Image Sub B1.28 Subwoofer356.08
Audio ProAllroom SubwooferAudio Pro Allroom Subwoofer375.42
EposELS Subwoofer*WHAT HI-FI 5 STARS* Epos ELS Subwoofer385.54
VelodyneCHT-15R Subwoofer*FREE QED CABLE* Velodyne CHT-15R Subwoofer812.90
VelodyneCHT-12R Subwoofer*FREE QED CABLE* Velodyne CHT-12R Subwoofer477.16
VelodyneCHT-8R Subwoofer*WHAT HI-FI 5 STARS* Velodyne CHT-8R Subwoofer304.20
TivoliMusic System BWCD Clock Radio. Adjustable Sleep Timer. 6 FM and 6 AM Presets. Built in Subwoofer.736.99
SonyCDXS2250CD/MP3 player97.20
TivoliMusic System SPBCD Clock Radio. Adjustable Sleep Timer. 6 FM and 6 AM Presets. Built in Subwoofer.736.99
SonyCDXF5550CD/MP3 player130.00
SonyCDX-S2050CD Tuner FM/MW/LW RDS Drive-S 4 x 50W MOSFET Steering remote input(optional) CD-R/CD-RW Compatible E75.74
SonyCDXR3350CD/MP3 player99.90
TivoliMusic System SWCD Clock Radio. Adjustable Sleep Timer. 6 FM and 6 AM Presets. Built in Subwoofer.736.99
MJ AcousticsRef 1 MK III SubMJ Acoustics Reference I MK III Active Subwoofer966.51
TivoliModel SubwooferTivoli Model Subwoofer87.49
VelodyneSPL-R-1000 Subwoofer*WHAT HI-FI 5 STARS* Velodyne SPL-R-1000 Subwoofer914.63
Anthony GalloGallo MPS-150 Powered SubwooferAnthony Gallo MPS-150 Powered Subwoofer549.39
VelodyneDD-10 SubwooferVelodyne DD-10 Subwoofer2034.78
VelodyneSPL-R-1200 SubwooferVelodyne SPL-R-1200 Subwoofer1067.24
Acoustic EnergyAE AELITE 8 SubwooferAcoustic Energy AELITE Eight Subwoofer518.86
VelodyneDD-18 SubwooferVelodyne DD-18 Subwoofer3357.39
VelodyneDD-15 SubwooferVelodyne DD-15 Subwoofer2848.70
VelodyneDD-12 SubwooferVelodyne DD-12 Subwoofer2390.87
Audio ProEvo Sub 10 SubwooferAudio Pro Evo Sub 10 High Power Ace-Bass Active Subwoofer325.56
TOKAILAR-215 CD/MP3/USB/SD Car RadioTokais LAR-215 car radio is just as powerful as it is versatile.With a total sound output of 4 x...59.00
InfinityCascade 15 SubInfinity Cascade Model 15 800W Active Subwoofer with RABOS Technology915.64
InfinityCascade 12 SubInfinty Cascade Model 12 300W Active Subwoofer with RABOS Technology504.62
VelodyneMicrovee Subwoofer*SMALL SIZE, BIG BASS!!!* Velodyne MicroVee Subwoofer585.00
Mordaunt ShortAlumni 9 SubMordaunt Short Alumni 9 Subwoofer198.38
Audio ProMondial Series S.3 SubAudio Pro Mondial Series S.3 Subwoofer324.54
Audio ProMondial Series S.1 SubAudio Pro Mondial Series S.1 Subwoofer253.32
YamahaYST-FSW050 SubwooferYamaha YST-FSW050 100W Subwoofer126.56
JBLL8400P SubwooferJBL Studio L Series L8400P High Performance Powered Subwoofer564.64
Mordaunt ShortMezzo9Mordaunt Short Mezzo 9 Active Subwoofer610.42
Proficient AudioProficient S12 SubwooferProficient S12 250W High Power Subwoofer503.56
Mordaunt ShortPerformance 9Mordaunt Short Performance 9 Subwoofer2543.47
Proficient AudioProficient S10 SubwooferProficient S10 120W High Power Subwoofer401.82
AudicaCX-SUB Digital SubwooferAudica CX-SUB Digital Subwoofer457.82
Mission79as 300W Subwoofer*NEW* Mission 79as 300W Active Subwoofer712.12
Audio ProSub B1.36 SubwooferAudio Pro Image Series Sub B1.36 200W Active Subwoofer406.95
Audio ProAudiopro SW-500 Design SubAudiopro SW-500 Design Subwoofer1016.37
MissionMV-AS Subwoofer*NEW* Mission MV-AS 100W Subwoofer202.46
Polk AudioPolk DSW Micro Pro 3000Polk Audio DSW Micro Pro 3000 Auto Room Optimisation Remote Control Subwoofer1373.47
Polk AudioPolk DSW Micro Pro 4000Polk Audio DSW Micro Pro 4000 - Auto Room Optimisation Remote Control Subwoofer1678.69
Polk AudioPolk DSW Micro Pro 1000Polk Audio DSW Micro Pro 1000 Remote Control 12` Subwoofer915.64
Polk AudioPolk DSW Micro Pro 2000Polk Audio DSW Micro Pro 2000 Auto Room Optimisation Remote Control Subwoofer1119.12
Polk AudioPolk DSW Pro 600Polk Audio DSW Pro 600 with Remote Control671.47
Polk AudioPolk DSW Pro 500 SubwooferPolk Audio DSW Pro 5000 Subwoofer559.56
GriffiniTrip Auto Universal Plus FM TransmitterListen to your player through your car stereo Recharge through your cigarette lighter26.92
Polk AudioPolk DSW Pro 400Polk Audio DSW Pro 400 Remote Control Subwoofer457.82
Sendai3.5mm to 2 RCA x 1M Audio CableSendai 3.5mm to 2 RCA x 1M Audio Cable5.90
Sendai3.5mm to 3.5mm x 1M Audio CableSendai 3.5mm to 3.5mm x 1M Audio Cable1.00
InfinityPSW8 SubwooferInfinity PSW8 Subwoofer305.21
Leema AcousticsLeema X10-der Subwoofer ExtenderLeema X10-der Passive Subwoofer Extender594.16
Leema AcousticsLeema SPLX10 Active SubwooferLeema SPLX10 Active Subwoofer891.23
Sendai2RCA to 2RCA x 5m Audio CableSendai 2RCA to 2RCA x 5m Audio Cable6.90
JBLLS120P SubwooferJBL.LS120P Subwoofer813.90
JBLES250P SubwooferJBL ES250P Subwoofer406.95
JBLES150P SubwooferJBL ES150P Subwoofer - In Car Entertainment305.21
InfinityPSW310W SubwooferInfinity PSW310W Subwoofer610.42
HalfordsCompact Narrow Wing Mount Car AerialAerial which is suitable for most vehicles8.49
HalfordsNarrow Wing Mount Car AerialHalfords Narrow Wing Mount Car Aerial7.49
JBL1500 Array SubwooferJBL 1500 Array 100W Powered Subwoofer3052.16
HalfordsIn Line Crimp ConnectorsConnectors which fit most vehicles2.99
HalfordsBullet Connectors 8 AmpHalfords Bullet Connectors 8 Amp Male 3.49
HalfordsTemporary Replacement Car AerialHalfords Temporary Replacement Car Aerial3.99
DaliMentor SubDali Mentor Sub Active 250 Watt Subwoofer1728.55
HalfordsReplacement Styling Whip Silver FinishContains 2 silver whips13.99
halfordsBlade Fuse HolderHalfords 10Amp Blade Fuse Holder4.49
HalfordsBlade Connectors 8 AmpHalfords Blade Connectors 8 Amp2.99
HalfordsStandard Wing Mount AerialHalfords Standard Wing Mount Aerial7.99
Halfordsblack flexible rubber car aerialHalfords Black Flexible Rubber Car Aerial With Adjustable Angle of Inclination9.99
Pure DigitalHighway BlackIn car DAB Digital Radio79.99
HalfordsInline Fuse HolderHalfords 5Amp Inline Fuse Holder2.99
halfordsAssorted Radio FusesHalfords Assorted Radio Fuses HFS1192.09
halfordsRadio Fuses 2 AmpHalfords Radio Fuses 2 Amp HFS1141.79
NCSMulti-Function CAN Bus Speed Pulse InterfaceCANM8-NAV Multi-Function CAN Bus Speed Pulse Interface39.90
UnbrandedFascia Adapter FP-06-05Fascia Adapter FP-06-0514.99
UnbrandedVW / Audi Car Audio ConnectorHalfords PC2-18-4 VW / Audi Car Audio Connector16.99
(Please Select)Headrest-mounted Handsfree KitUniversal Headrest-mounted Handsfree Kit NEW LEGISLATION EFEFCTIVE FROM 27th FEBRUARY 2007. DONT RISK A £60.00 FINE AND THREE POINTSThe combined speaker/microphone unit attaches to your vehicle headrest¸ allowing you to talk and listen ha15.00
HalfordsAutoleads FP2000 Skoda Fabia Facia PanelAutoleads FP2000 Skoda Fabia Facia Panel14.99
UnbrandedFacia Adapter Ford Fiesta 02Facia Adapter Ford Fiesta 0219.99
UnbrandedFascia Adapter FP-07-02Fascia Adapter FP-07-0216.99
(Please Select)Handsfree Car KitHandsfree Car Kit For Mobile PhonesNEW LEGISLATION EFFECTIVE FROM FEBRUARY 27th 2007. DONT RISK A £60.00 FINE & THREE POINTSThis kit allows you to speak safely by means of an amplified loudspeaker that plugs into the cigarette lighter socke7.00
UnbrandedMultiStalk Adapter for Ford/VauxhallMultiStalk Adapter for Ford/Vauxhall29.99
UnbrandedMultiStalk Adapter for VauxhallMultiStalk Adapter for Vauxhall29.99
UnbrandedMultiStalk Adapter for RenaultMultiStalk Adapter for Renault29.99
AutoleadsAutolead PC99KEN MultiStalk lead for KenwoodAutoleads PC99KEN MultiStalk lead for Kenwood with 4 pin DIN remote port4.99
AutoleadsMultistalk Alpine Patch LeadMultistalk adaptor patch lead for Alpine0.75
UnbrandedMultiStalk Adapter for JVCMultiStalk Adapter for JVC4.99
SonyMultiStalk Adapter for SonyMultiStalk Adapter for Sony4.99
HalfordsBlack Flexible Steel Car AerialHalfords Black Flexible Steel Car Aerial12.99
HalfordsCar Audio Mounting FrameMounting frame to fit an ISO standard aperture9.99
HalfordsWhite Flexible Rubber Car AerialReplacement aerial suitable for use with most cars9.99
HalfordsElectric Glass Mount AerialHalfords Electric Glass Mount Aerial14.99
HalfordsSmall Dude on BoardSmall Dude on Board sign3.99
HalfordsLittle Princess on BoardBright Princess on board sign3.99
HalfordsInterference SuppressorHalfords Interference Suppressor0.50
ScandynaThe Ball 2.1 Active SubwooferScandyna The Ball 2.1 Active Subwoofer456.81
HalfordsCar Aerial Mast ReplacementHalfords Car Aerial Mast Replacement9.99
AutoleadsFP-06-04 Fascia Panel for BMW3 SeriesAutoleads FP-06-04 Facia Panel for BMW3 Series14.99
HalfordsSealed Fuse HolderHalfords 30 Amp Sealed Fuse Holder3.99
Pro TorxRadio Pliers - 160mmRadio Pliers - size 160mm Soft grip rubber handles with finger guards - TUV marked - chrome vanadium steel.2.50
BelkinAV Cable with dock connector for iPodShare videos, photos, and music on your iPhone or iPod with family and friends.10.99
GriffinAuxiliary Audio CableAn essential cable for iPod, iPhone or any music player with a 1/8 (3.5 mm) stereo-mini headphone jack.9.06
Pro TorxRadio Pliers - 200mmRadio Pliers - size 200mm Soft grip rubber handles with finger guards - TUV marked - chrome vanadium steel.2.50
WharfedaleDiamond 10.MX SubwooferWharfedale | Diamond 10 MX | Subwoofer304.20
WharfedaleDiamond 10.SX SubwooferWharfedale | Diamond 10.SX-SUB | Subwoofer232.98
GranvilleElectro ConnectorElectrical circuit paint repair kit. Repairs broken rear window demisters and printed circuit boards. Ideal for repairing radio antenna connections, alarm systems and other low voltage electrical connections.5.21

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