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Sony KDL40W3000

40 1080p HD ready LCD TV (Barcode EAN = 4905524418811). (Barcode EAN = 4905524409253). (Barcode EAN = 4905524418811). (Barcode EAN = 4905524409253). (Barcode EAN = 4905524418811).
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Sony KDL40W3000
Astonishing picture quality for this Sony 40" 1080p HD ready LCD TV. Featuring 24p True Cinema mode for the most realistic movie experience, full surround sound effects from only 2 front speakers, built-in digital tuner and 3 HDMI inputs for easy connectivity.

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User Reviews

Average Rating:  5 out of 5

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There are 5 reviews for this product.

Unless you are a total geek, you cannot fault this tv. 99.9999% of the masses will find this tv to be perfection. Anyone who finds faults with it, needs to get out more often and find a hobby !!

When you watch Blu-Ray or Sky HD the picture is faultless. Colours, when calibrated correctly - I searched online for advice & it DOES make a difference to how it comes out of the box - are true, vivid and most importantly LIFELIKE. The only one channel which is poor is ITV in Standard Definition (SD), however, this is down to ITVs poor technology, not the fault of the SONY.
The setup and calibrating the settings was easy, even for a relative simpleton like me. Wall mounting was a doddle - you dont need to pay someone to do it once you have the right bracket. The remote controller is great, especially the backlight function - handy if youre watching HD footage in the dark - WOW !!!
I would also consider the replacement model - W4000, however, the W3000 looks so much more classy and superior with its polished dark chrome surround. All the others, even the new ones have a cheap plastic appearance.


Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 17Oct2008
I awoke one morning after the recent birth of our son and thought, `we need a treat and its time for a big TV`. Like many others I suspect, I hadnt a clue where to start other than knowing that I wanted a 40` flat screen, probably LCD rather than plasma and that was it. A friend of ours bought a 46` 40W2000 last year and I knew he would have done exhaustive research so I asked him for his opinion - which was one of absolute contentment (although he did hint that if he had his time again he might go for one of the new Samsungs - still havent found out why but when I questioned him more and said I really couldnt be bothered with doing research myself so should I go for the Sony or not - he said YES).

The question was then which one to buy - the 40w3000, 40w2000 which is last years model and can still be found for £899 at Comet, or upgrade totally to the 40x3500. I decided on the 40w3000 for the following simple reasons:

- For us spending £1k on a tv is enough - I really couldnt justify another £1k for the X series even if I could have understood what the main differences were
- the 40w2000 is meant to be an outstanding TV (and Ive seen the 46` in action - its top notch), but for an extra £100 I was getting a newer version so it was a no brainer
- I read so many online reviews from tech sites, to lads mags and national press reviews and all concurred that I couldnt go far wrong with 40w3000 (or any of the others)
- Ive always liked the idea of having a Sony Bravia - sold on the advertising I guess, but after years with Philips I also fancied a change of brand
- and last but not least, it was an easy choice because of the great price on Amazon

So, I read the reviews on here and decided to purchase. Two days ago it was delivered (more on that later) and since then its been TV FRENZY!!! Its an absolute stunner. If you know loads about TVs then you might find fault with blackscreen or backlights or somethingo or other, but Im just comparing it to what we had before and its brilliant. Weve got a regular DVD player and VHS and they both work fine - the quality of DVDs is superb - our first movie was Bladerunner and it was awesome; and watching Disney films with the family is a whole new experience - especially when the picture quality is turned to Vivid.

The sound is really good and better that I expected given I havent got a surround sound system (but I think it will be coming my way soon). Menus are easy to navigate and the auto set-up meant I was watching TV within 30 mins of opening the box. I know others have found it difficult and I may well need assitance once I have more gadgets and wires to plug in, but I didnt find setting it up a problem - very easy indeed if youre used to fitting plugs into a basic pc and tv and the remote is very easy to navigate as well.

So far, no problems whatsoever - an absolute dream of a purchase and would heartily recommend it to anyone.

As for Amazon - great service, stunning price and I trust them. I would say though that it was disappointing to order their great price stand only to find out they couldnt find one - end result is Ive bought a stand from another retailer - John Lewis - and its not being delivered until 5 days after the TV. A pain but not life threatening.

The courier service was also fairly random - the courier didnt call to arrange a delivery time - luckily I called them to check they had the right numbers otherwise I would never have known it was coming a day earlier than estimated. They then couldnt deliver so had to come back the next day and still not tell me a time. As I said to Amazon, if Ive just spent £1k on a TV Id be willing to spend a bit more to get a guaranteed delivery, with a courier firm which called me, and more quickly (please).

When all is said and done - there might be better TVs out there and if Id spent a few days researching this and that I might have gone for something else - but right now, Im really pleased I didnt. Right, got to go, Im off to watch Band of Brothers box set. Yippee.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 22Mar2008
After many years of holding out for the Next Big Thing in TV hardware, I finally caved and spent a small fortune on this `reassuringly expensive` TV and a companion HD recorder. Im sure theyll get cheaper, but I (hope) dont think theyll get much better.

The worst thing you could say about it is `its big ... REALLY big`, but oddly on a clear glass stand it doesnt dominate the room any more than our bulky old 28 inch CRT.

Setup was a doddle. Channel auto-search was quick and the digital EPG loaded up almost instantly. Its true the picture needs to be tweaked to taste, but for immediate purposes switching from `vivid` to `standard` and notching the backlight down a couple of points took the searchlight brilliance out of Channel 4s on-air showing of `The Fifth Element`.

Its a joy to watch. I have no HDMI sources but everything from off-air to DVD and Divx playback looks great. Saturdays C4 movie looked as detailed as any disc-based playback. Upscaled DVD images from a HDMI connected player are spectacular - amazing depth and detail in season 2 Doctor Who story `The Impossible Planet`. The images from a SCART connected player set to RGB are softer but a lot of people probably wouldnt notice, and until I buy an external surround decoder Im happy to live with it.

The only real demerits are learning to navigate the remote and the slightly clunky mechanism for switching between inputs. Get the connections right and these seem to be automatic for switching on but dont always revert after switching off. A minor nuisance.

Audiophiles will quibble, Im sure, but the built in sound is strong and clear.

Buy one while theyre still out there!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 17Mar2008
This will be a non-technical review. The Sony KDL40W3000 is a simply outstanding TV. We are running upscaled DVDs, PS3 Blu Ray, PS 2 games and SD Sky through it.

There is a great deal on the web about settings out of the box for this TV and I would agree that for standard TV or even high quality TV DVDs (eg Sopranos, upscaled) then the VIVID setting that the TV arrives in is not ideal. Colours look OTT and certainly not what you dreamed about when you ordered the TV. There are plenty of sites you can google for that come up with settings for the TV to get the best out of it. This TV has an incredible range of parameters that you can change which is great if you know what you are doing so be prepared for some playing around. If you prefer not to touch them then I would recommend switching from VIVID to NORMAL which at first will make colours look relatively muddy but will, over a few hours, look a lot better as you get used to them.

Sky SD is watchable but clearly not as good as HD would be. Most channels apart from heavily compressed channels are clear enough to view, I would regard quality as watchable. Remember this is the fault of the input source, not the TV. Switching on noise reduction does remove some of the noise in the picture but does so at the expense of sharpness, you can play around in the menu and see the impact on the screen instantly so you can try the options out quite easily. I turned noise reduction off altogether but for Sky SD a bit of reduction does make an improvement.

With Blu Ray however the detail and colours are mindblowing. There are enough reviews on Blu Ray and the PS3 so I will not add to them here other than to continue to be amazed at the picture quality. Upscaled DVDs do not have the same impact but are certainly good enough to not require a major upgrade of DVDs to Blu Ray discs. I suspect that at larger screens than 40` this may be a different story.

The sound quality is very good rather than excellent and I would probably disagree with statements that claim a separate sound system is not necesary. We run this with a reasonable quality 2.1 sound system that is without question superior to the speakers on the TV. Bass and channel separation are clearly going to be better with a separate system.

Blacks appear to be very good, not in the range of a high end Pioneer Plasma (twice the price) but simply outstanding for an LCD TV. Significant improvement on the KDL40W2000 previous model to this one. There is a backlight control that reduces the backlight in the TV when the screen is dark, this is fine until you get to end credits on a movie which are generally scrolling words on a black screen. This confuses the backlight control which then darkens, lightens and darkens the screen depending on how many lines of text (and I guess therefore average brightness of the image) are there. If you bother with end credits this may trouble you but I would not make it a deciding factor for the TV.

Another point - the Playstation 3 is an amazing piece of kit whcih will show the best on this TV, however at 40` this TV also allows you to play multiplayer (split screen) Playstation 2 games with ease. The TV is not so big that PS2 screens are blurred but it is big enough to ensure that on a split screen (Socom Navy Seals, Colin McCrae Rally or Killzone) you can actually see what you are doing when in multiplayer split screen mode.

Last point on the Amazon White Glove Delivery Service which you have to pay for with Amazon. I paid an additional £29.99 for the white glove delivery service which I understood meant that the item would be delivered, checked and unpacked with all packing materials removed. White glove delivery also implies something about the level of care that would be taken too.

The TV did arrive on time (and after a phone call from the courier to confirm delivery within a 2 hour slot which is good), however when it arrived the delivery guy had it balanced on his shoulder which he then asked me to sign for. He was not expecting to unpack the item and, when asked about this, said I dont know anything about that and no one else asks about it. I am sure if pressed he would have done it but clearly it was not in his expectations. On this basis I signed for the TV as unopened.

I have no complaint about the delivery guy but I am not happy that I had to pay Amazon an additional £29.99 for a white glove delivery service when in the end, what I got was a normal drop off delivery just like any other from Amazon. Ran a Google search on this subject and I have since found out I am not alone.

5 stars for the TV but not entirely happy with Amazon for the delivery charge.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 14Jan2008
I had been researching LCD panel TVs for a while before finally deciding that i should get this one. As a rule of thumb, i never leave any stone unturned.

Its predecessor the W2000 seemed to get brilliant reviews everywhere i looked, with an average rating of 9/10 in each magazine or online reviews. But as it was being discontinued, i initially thought that the picture and quality could not get better as it was simply stunning. But i went to a sony style store to compare the W2000 with the W3000 and it was truly breath-taking. There was a distinct improvement in sharpness and contrast, and there was no motion judder which you could get on the W2000 (I read and witnessed motion judder on the W2000 with a Blue Ray disc)

Sony have only improved. The W3000 you can get from other online stores with a free 5yr warranty included up until the 31st January 08.

Playstation 3 just looks amazing on the TV. With newer games now coming through with the 1080p resolution, I am now starting to see the benefits of this TV. Most games at the moment are 720p (HD Ready) and not 1080p (Full HD) but there is certainly a difference.

I also compared the screen side by side with Toshiba, Samsung and Philips. Philips is the closest match to the Sony in terms of quality build and picture quality, but they are expensive. Thats not to say that Sony isnt, you are just getting more for your money with the Sony. Samsung pictures were vivid, but the only drawback is the tedious reflective screen. LG and Toshiba(which i have owned for years) in terms of picture quality were no match in terms of sharpness or picture quality.

For the extra £150-£200 you will pay for this sony, it is a worthy investment and you will NOT be disappointed.

And a free 5 yr warranty, surely it costs about £300 by itself.

I now understand what they mean by Colour Like No Other.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 03Jan2008

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