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Linking to CompareStorePrices.co.uk

Feel free to modify the link text to fit in with the style of your site.
You may also link to any page on CompareStorePrices.co.uk as we do not remove pages.

This is what it will look like:
Electrolux EOB53000K at CompareStorePrices.co.uk - Compare prices, get discount codes, read user reviews and request Price Alerts for 1000's of products

Linking Directly to Product Reviews

If you would like to link directly to our product reviews then simply attach '#revlink' to the end of the url as follows:
IMPORTANT You may NOT reproduce our reviews on your site. If you would like your visitors to benefit from reading our product reviews then please use the link below instead.

This is what it will look like:
Electrolux EOB53000K reviews at CompareStorePrices.co.uk - Compare prices, read user reviews and request Price Alerts for 1000's of products

Requesting a Link to Your Website

Of course we would be happy for you to link to us but if you also feel your website would be of use to our visitors then please follow these instructions:

Make sure the above link is on your website as our automated system will ignore any link requests where it cannot find the reciprocal link.
Fill out the following information. Our system will check for the presence of the link and your site will appear on the page within 10 days.

Most of our department pages rank on the first page of Google UK results and have a reasonable PR so you will be getting a quality link. Please consider adding the link back to us on your home page or another page that is not simply a long list of links.

Link Title (name of your site): 
Link URL (URL of your site): 
Link Description (description of your site): 
URL Where You Linked to CompareStorePrices.co.uk: 
Please make sure the link to CompareStorePrices.co.uk is already on this page BEFORE hitting Send as our system will automatically delete any requests where the link cannot be found.

Your Email address: 

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