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Midas Clever Kids Creepy Crawlies NDS

Clever Kids: Creepy Crawlies - Nintendo DS Game
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Midas Clever Kids Creepy Crawlies NDS
Join Sprocket the Robot on a fantastic journey into the undergrowth of your own garden! Learn about mini-beasts from all over the world, from Goliath Spiders the size of a dinner plate to Fairy Wasps smaller than a pin head!
Become an amateur entomologist, learning how to identify all sorts of different insects and arachnids. Find out how flies taste with their feet, how water beetles catch their prey, and how giant centipedes catch bats in mid-air! Clever Kids: Creepy Crawlies will teach you all this about our creepy crawly companions and much, much more!
* Visit the garden and explore the Touch and Learn menus
* Learn hundreds of creepy crawly facts and take the quiz
* Help a dung beetle roll his food home
* Complete Sliding and Jigsaw puzzles
* Spot the Difference between different insects
* Test your maths at the Target Range
* Protect the garden from pests with a friendly fly!
* Interactive painting and colouring in
* Fully localised with spoken audio

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