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UBI SOFT CSI Crime Scene Investigation Hard Evidence Wii

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation : Hard Evidence (Wii) (Barcode EAN = 3307210327185).
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UBI SOFT CSI Crime Scene Investigation Hard Evidence Wii
Players will join Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows and the rest of the Las Vegas cast to help solve crimes using realistic techniques and lab equipment. CSI: Hard Evidence features forensic reconstructions and atmospheric crime scenes taken directly from the television show, including an all-new garage lab for analyzing large evidence such as cars and boats, improved evidence gathering, review and lab mini-games, and more areas to explore, resulting in longer play experiences.

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User Reviews

Average Rating:  3 out of 5

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There are 10 reviews for this product.

I am completley addicted to CSI. I watch all the series on telly Vagas, Miami and New york. I only got my wii at the weekend as a birthday present from my husband along with CSI hard evidence and i have been playing it ever since and now i am addicted to this game. If you are a fan of the program this game gets you in the thick of it. Its not easy either if you play properly. You have to look really hard for the evidence and analize them. I got a bit stuck at one point thought i had collected everything but i hadnt and so the game didnt move on till i had found all the evidence. I dont have hours at a time to play this game, i play it when i get home from work before my husband gets home and at weekend in between house work. i would highly recomend this game to anyone who likes CSi programs and anyone that like games that you have to use your brian to a great extend. How long till we have miami and new york games to!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 12Aug2009
Similar to the PC game, you have the opportunity to become a CSI, its good fun and is interactive due to the nature of the WII console.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 16Jul2009
This is a great game to sit back and enjoy from the comfort of your sofa or armchair, especially if you want to play through it with a friend. You point-and-click using the Wiimote, and I find that a very easy and enjoyable way of interacting with the game. The cases are of a fairly similar nature to the ones youll see in the TV show, and I think they will keep most players happy. However, hardcore gamers will probably not like it so much, as the pace can be a little slow.

The difficulty of the game can be customized a lot, depending on how much of a challenge you want. On a fairly easy level, a case takes me 2 or 3 hours... although you can save your progress at any time to come back to later. There are also unlockable secrets which you can get if you go back and try to gather pieces of evidence you might have missed the first time.

If you get really stuck, you can ask for hints, which can be a total lifesaver! :) The gameplay is entirely possible without hints though... you just need to be thorough. (I will admit, some of the thoroughness can be a little tedious, but its really not too bad).

The graphics are decent, but not wonderful (some of the characters look a little odd). One significant issue to be aware of is that the image quality on a TV can make it difficult to see certain details in the game, so it can take a little guesswork on occasion. Thats quite rare though. And the sound quality is good, with reasonable voice-acting provided by the original cast.

Overall, its a good game. A few minor flaws, but nothing serious. Well worth the money.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 16May2009
great game had us up till 4 am some nights wish their were others like it

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 5 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 04Feb2009
Definately one for the bargain bins this. Not because it is bad, but because it is so short.

Whats there is great, but theres just not enough of it.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 3 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 25Jan2009
Being a fan of the programme and having recently bought a Wii I thought that this would be for me; however the tedium of having to identify, pick up & examine item after item soon ensured that this game would be going in the next charity bag that came through the door.

The Wii is all about action and this game is better suited for a PC environment

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 18Jan2009
I was so disappointed when i bought this game. i have played other CSI games on PC and playstation - 3 dimensions, CSI Crime scene investigation, and dark motives - and i loved them in both formats. i am definitely a CSI gaming fan. But this one drove me to distraction. The length of time it took to toggle between scenes was prohibitive, and the use of the PDA slowed everything down and seemed to me to be pointless. I found negotiating around the crime scenes very clumsy and took up far more time than on any other games. I have given up even trying after picking up evidence at the first crime scene as it is too frustrating. i am not particularly impatient and enjoy a slow and thoughtful game but this tests my patience beyond reason.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 28Dec2008
This game is good fun, while it lasts. I found it interesting to work through and good to try to find all the clues etc and it was a sense of achievement to solve the crimes and it does take a long time to work through everything. However, I was disappointed that there are only 5 to solve, and once done thats it.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 3 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 11Dec2008
I just played the game, and cant begin to tell you how annoyed I am with the fact that I spent money on this.
I love the CSI games, and I love the Wii, but they dont mesh.
Its impossible to aim at things, and even if you do, you still need to click while keeping the aim right, which is extremely frustrating.
It took me forever to even get through the training level.
If this review would have been for the pc version of the game, Im sure I would have giving 5 stars, because the previous CSI games I played (all) are great fun, and defenitly worth your money.
So go and buy this for the pc! Scoot! Dont even think about getting this for the Wii, buy other things for the Wii, nice things like Wii Sports or whatever, but not this.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 13Nov2008
I have heard of but not watched the TV series. I bought the game simply because there is precious little to choose from for the Wii console yet. Ive really enjoyed the Harry Potter game, my partner spent hours on Resident Evil IV. Both these other games offer 360 degree game play and reasonable freedom to move in a range of directions, and to choose the order in which you tackle or ignore certain game options.

Both of us really disliked this game. We found ourselves being forced to search limited areas for obvious clues. Taking these clues back to the labs and using the equipment was no fun either - its fairly obvious which machines to use, there are limited options here. The worst part was when you tried to interview someone. The game gives you a small choice of quetsions to ask, you end up asking them all.

There seem to be no alternative outcomes or lines of investigaiton that you can follow. It all feels completely predetermined rather than interactive.

Very limited value for money. Not recommended.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 2 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 22May2008

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