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Targus Wireless IR Keyboard

The Wireless IR (Infrared) Keyboard works with Pal
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Targus Wireless IR Keyboard
The Wireless IR (Infrared) Keyboard works with Palm and Pocket PC PDAs as well as Palm-based mobile phones and smart phones. You no longer have to juggle between different keyboards or worry about switching products because the Wireless IR Keyboard works with the worlds most popular PDAs, PDA/Mobile Phones and Smart Phones. This product creates a direct link to your device through a 210-degree rotating Infrared arm (patent pending) ensuring you maintain constant connection with your devices. Requiring only 2 batteries and with low power consumption this sleek design allows you to conveniently type anywhere at anytime!This keyboard is designed for the following systems: Audiovox/Toshiba Thera 2032 and Mastero; Casio Cassiopeia EG-800STD, IT-705TD and E-200; Compaq h1900 and h5400 series, iPAQ 3800 and 3900 series; Dell Axim X5; Handspring Treo models; HP Jornada (all models); Kyocera QCP6035 and 7135; Palm m100 through to m515 series, Tungsten W; Sony Cli�: SJ30, SJL10, T415, T665C; Toshiba e310, e33

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