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Visor Edge 8MB Handheld inc USB Cradle for PC/Mac
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Handspring Visor Edge - Motorola MC68VZ328 33 MHz - RAM: 8 MB - Palm OS 3.5.2 4-bit grey
Slip it in your pocket. Put it in your purse. You'll barely even notice that you're carrying it. But don't let the size of the Visor Edge deceive you. This is one powerful, rechargeable Palm OS organizer with an address book, date book and so much more. Plus, the detachable Springboard slot gives you infinite expansion possibilities. It is incredibly thin and infinitely expandable. That's the wonder of the Visor Edge handheld. And Handspring has the detachable Springboard slot to thank. Just slide it on, pop in a Springboard module and you're ready to go. So, when you want to listen to music, take a picture, or connect wirelessly, it's all just a snap away. Now you'll never have to deal with AAA batteries again. That's because the Visor Edge is rechargeable. It lasts for weeks on a single charge (based on normal usage, of course). And it recharges quickly - right in the cradle. So now you can synchronize and recharge simultaneously. One look is all it takes and everyone is flipping over the Visor Edge

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