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HANDSPRING Visor Deluxe-gy

Visor Deluxe Palmtop 8mb Graphite
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HANDSPRING Visor Deluxe-gy
10 years of appointments
12,000 addresses
400 email messages
6,000 memos
6,000 to do items
Based on the popular Palm OS.-so it does everything the Palm organizer does and more
Beam information or programs between your Visor handheld and other Palm organizers
If you have existing data in a Palm organizer, you can transfer it to your Visor with just one touch
Instantly back up, update and exchange information between your Visor handheld and desktop computer with the USB cradle and HotSync
so you can run all Palm OS based software programs
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USB connection makes synchronizing with your desktop computer a whole lot faster and easier, plus, its really easy to install
Visor is fully compatible with the Palm OS
Windows and Macintosh desktop software are included

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
All other trademarks and devices are the property of their respective owners.
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