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Intermec INT1800SR-W/T

ScanPlus 1800SR with Trigger
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Intermec INT1800SR-W/T
The Intermec 1800 Series is a cost effective, yet full-featured supply chain solution for retail, office, healthcare and light industrial applications. Offering the flexibility of CCD or laser versions, the 1800 Series is a fast and accurate answer for your contact and non-contact scanning needs.Compatible for contact and non-contact applications, the Intermec 1800 Series provides the flexibility your operation needs by providing a choice of different scan engines. A universal host interface system allows the 1800 Series to be connected to many hundreds of PCs, cash registers, or other terminals simply by changing the cable and software set-up. Firmware upgrades or special applications are easily implemented using flash memory easily extending your solutions potential.The 1800 Series incorporates no moving parts and as a result, it has a longer life than any laser scanner. The 1800 Series is also durable withstanding multiple drops to concrete floor from 1m (3.2ft) and wide temperature range operation

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