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Lord and Lady Giftpack

Join the Elite and become the envy of all your fri
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Lord and Lady Giftpack
Join the Elite and become the envy of all your friends. No more boring Mr & Mrs, you can now legally become a titled British Lord or Lady!This 100% genuine gift pack is a perfect gift. What better way to win your partners heart than to make them a Lord or Lady! Dont forget to buy yourself a title as well, otherwise you may become the servant of the household!!!This great gift pack entitles you to a plot of land on the Glencairn estate making you a laird of Glencairn. This means you are a Scottish landowner and the term ‘Laird’ is commonly accepted throughout the world as Lord. The female version of Laird you would expect to be Lairdy, however this is actually Lady. So you can be a Lord or/and Lady of GlencairnOnce you purchase a title, you will initially receive a colourful gift pack containing registration documentation. You can hand this to the recepient as a gift and they then complete the documents and receive the official deeds. Or you can complete the forms on their behalf and the title deeds wi

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