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ElectruePanasonic BAG60  (NON GEN) by Electruepart  for U2E type to fit MCE seriesVacuum Cleaner paper dust bag to fit U2E bags MCE range cleaners (Barcode EAN = 5053848903748).
Ezee-FixVACUUM BAGS FOR PANASONIC UPRIGHTNo description (Barcode EAN = 5000315002152).
NumaticNVM-1CH Numatic Henry Cleaner Bags - 1 Box (Pack of 10)Hepa-flo dustbags for Henry vacuum (Barcode EAN = 5055379862938).
VaxAir Cordless Upright Vacuum CleanerNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512147215).
First4sparesDust Bags For Vax 3-in-1 Multifunction Vacuum Cleaners Pack of 10No description (Barcode EAN = 5055524901475).
TheChemicalHutDyson Replacement Swivel Stair, Floor amp; Upholstery Tool. Fits Models DC01 DC03 DC04 DC07. 32mm Fitting.A non-original all purpose floor tool that fits the following models of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners: DC01, DC03, DC04, DC07, DC14. The connector is 32mm in diameter. These are (Barcode EAN = 5055600500899).
SparesPlanet2 x SMALL Drive Belts for Panasonic Upright Vacuum CleanerNo description (Barcode EAN = 3133088078306).
PanasonicMCE3001 Vacuum Cleaner BeltsManufacturer`s Names andamp; Numbers Are Used For Reference Purposes Only - These Parts Are In No Way Associated With The Initial Manufacturer`s Parts (Barcode EAN = 1000000002584).
PanasonicQuality PANASONIC MCE3002 MCE3011 Vacuum Hoover Cleaner BELTS x 2PANASONIC MCE3002 MCE3011 Vacuum Hoover Cleaner BELTS Manufacturer`s names and numbers are used for reference purposes only - these parts are in no way associated with th (Barcode EAN = 5055501400502).
VaxQuality Replacement VAX Power 2 U91P2 Vacuum Cleaner DRIVE BELT x 2 PkVAX Power 2 U91P2 Vacuum Cleaner DRIVE BELT x 2 Pk VAX VACUUM CLEANER DRIVE BELTS PACK OF TWO SUITABLE TO FIT MODELS - POWER 2 U91P2 Manufacturer`s Names andamp; Numbers Ar (Barcode EAN = 5055501401097).
PanasonicBags For Panasonic Mce (Hs63)Panasonic Cylinder Bag MCE60 - MCE69 MCE61, MCE62, MCE70 - MCE79, MCE80 - MCE89, MCE83, MCE88, MCE650 - MCE659 MCE651, MCE652, MCE655, , MCE735 - MCE759 MCE741, MCE750, MCE751, MCE752, MCE753, MCE761, MCE770 - MCE778, MCE780 - MCE799 MCE783, MCE850 -
ElectruepartPANASONIC Vacuum BAGS Upright Hoover 1700w 1800w 1900w pack of 5 ELECTRUEPARTPanasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags U20
Vacuum BagsELECTRUEPART U20E Vacuum cleaner dust bag (Pack of 5) For PANASONIC MCE3002No description (Barcode EAN = 5053459806629).
Spares Direct 2 U LtdPanasonic MCUG302 Vacuum Cleaner Drive Belts Pack Of 2Fits Models, MCUG302 MCE300, MCE3001, MCE4013, MCE4001, MCE4003, MCE4011, MCE3002, MCE3011, MCUG302. (Barcode EAN = 5060352940213).
NUMATICHVX200-221200 watt henry extra tank cleaner
VaxUniversal Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags For Vax 6121 Pack Of 5No description (Barcode EAN = 5055268580080).
QualtexUniversal cut-to-size pre motor amp; exhaust filter kit for most vacuum cleaners including electrolux zanussi radvac panasonic hooverNo description (Barcode EAN = 5053161001206).
Spares PlusPANASONIC UPRIGHT MC-E3001 MC-E3002 Vacuum Cleaner PAPER DUST BAGS X 5 No description (Barcode EAN = 5053429739216).
PanasonicDrive Belts For Panasonic MCE3002 amp; MCE3011 Vacuum Cleaners Pack Of 2No description
QualtexDust Bags For Panasonic MC-E3001 Upright Vacuum Cleaners Pack Of 5 (113)QU Panasonic Upright X5 Paper Bags
Panasonic: All Upright Models: MCE40 to MCE49, MCE50 to MCE59. MCE400 to MCE499, MCE500 to MCE599, MCE3000, MCE3001, MCE3002, (Barcode EAN = 5030017011138).
PanasonicElectruepart BAG261 C20E Vacuum Cleaner Dust Paper Cloth Bag 5 PackProduct Features:Also Known As: Paper Bag, Vacuum Bag, Cloth BagType: C20EMaterial Type: PaperIncludes 5x Dust BagsSuitable to fit Panasonic  MCE60 / 80 / 650 / 7001 / 70 (Barcode EAN = 5055600409468).
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PanasonicUpright MCE3003 amp; MCE3011 Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags Pack Of 10No description (Barcode EAN = 5055268574720). - Vacuum Cleaners
DysonGenuine DYSON DC01 DC04 DC07 DC14 Drive BELT 900527-01Suitable for the following models- Dyson DC04 CONSTANT MAX DARK STEEL/ORANGE, DC07, DC07 PRECISION, DC14 IRON/ TITANIUM/ YELLOW, DC04 CONSTANT MAX SILVER/LIME, DC07 HEPA, (Barcode EAN = 5053429716781).
First4spares Pre Motor Filter For Vax C89 U89 Vacuum CleanersNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524907774).
CHERRYPICKELECTRONICSPanasonic C2E Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Copy Dust Bag (Pack of 5)No description (Barcode EAN = 5053459800825).
PanasonicDustbags Pack Of 5 C20eFits models: MCE9001, MCE9003, MCCG461, MCCG461K, MCCG463, MCCG463K, MCCG465, MCCG465K, MCCG467, MCCG467, MCCG461K, MCCG463, MCCG463K, MCCG465, MCCG465K, MCCG467, MCCG467 (Barcode EAN = 5025232172481).
QualtexUpright Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Paper Dust Bags for Panasonic, Pack of 5No description (Barcode EAN = 5055516208414).
CHERRYPICKELECTRONICS C2E Vacuum cleaner dust bag (Pack of 5) For PANASONIC MCCG691No description (Barcode EAN = 5053459801006).
DewaltDWV902M 110vDust Extractor
Vacuum BagsELECTRUEPARTE53 C20E Vacuum cleaner dust bag (Pack of 5) For PANASONIC MCE862No description (Barcode EAN = 5053459787430).
Vacuum BagsELECTRUEPART Synthetic Vacuum cleaner dust bag (Pack of 5) For PANASONIC MC-E862UKNo description (Barcode EAN = 5053459817649).
PanasonicQuality Replacement PANASONIC MCCG383 MCCG487 MCCG475 Cleaner BAG 5PkPANASONIC MCCG383 MCCG487 MCCG475 Cleaner BAG 5 PACK 5 X BAG PACK TO FIT MODELS - MCCG383 MCCG487 MCCG475 Manufacturer`s names and numbers are used for reference purposes (Barcode EAN = 5055501400755).
ElectroluxZE212 Air Fresheners for Bagged or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners - Box of 4No description (Barcode EAN = 7319599008377).
PanasonicVacuum Cleaner MCUL592 MCUL594 MCUL596 Eco Max Belt GenuinePanasonic Vacuum Cleaner MCUL592 MCUL594 MCUL596 Eco Max Belt Genuine Genuine Panasonic Belt Poly v belt 5PH271 Length 271 mm Fits MC-UL592, MC-UL594, MC-UL596 (Barcode EAN = 5045176370460).
PanasonicC20E Paper Bags (Pack of 5) Type: C20E Paper vacuum dust bags ( Type: C20E - Panasonic)C20E paper bags (Pack of 5) MCE9001 MCE9003 MCCG461 MCCG461K MCCG463 MCCG463K MCCG465 MCCG465K MCCG467 MCCG467K (Barcode EAN = 5053086142886). - Vacuum Cleaner
VAXVZL6012 4 out of 5Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
GenericCarpet Floor Tool Brush Head Compatible with Electrolux Henry Vax Hoover Vacuum CleanersCarpet floor tool brush. 32mm
QualtexVacuum Cleaner Hoover Bags - VAX Models 5 Pack1 x Qualtex Dust Bags suitable for Vax Tub Models (Barcode EAN = 5051632031318).
MieleDusting Brush For Miele Bosch Panasonic Vacuum CleanersNo description
Vacuum BagsELECTRUEPART C20E Vacuum cleaner dust bag (Pack of 5) For PANASONIC MCE852No description (Barcode EAN = 5053459787393).
paper bagReplacement For VAX 6140 6131 6130 6120 Vacuum DUST BAG x 10 Pack (152)Vax Vac Replacement bag Pk10 for VCC-01 (Barcode EAN = 5055268589991).
HQ57 / 20 vacuum [5x] cleaner bags for Panasonic C5, C5E, E2 / C-5, C-5E, E-2 / MC-E 94 to 99, MC-E 940 to 9585x paper vacuum cleaner fitting.
. Panasonic
. C - 5
. C - 5 E
. E - 2
. MC-E 94 - 99
. MC-E 940 - 958
(Barcode EAN = 5412810013708).
Europart5 paper vacuum cleaner bags for Panasonic MC-CG383 MC-CG461 MC-CG463K...NB: PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY. This product is made by Europart to Panasonic specifications. and fits Panasonic MC-CG383 MC-CG461 MC-CG463K MC-CG475K MC-CG475SP MC-CG485 MC (Barcode EAN = 5986100043190).
VaxMach Air Vacuum Cleaner Toothed Drive BeltNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524901987). - Vacuum Cleaners
Electrolux- Replacement Belt Bagless Sanitaire Lightweight Commercial, 2/Pack - Sold As 1 Pack - Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum replacement belt.No description
PanasonicBag:Paper-dust upr MCE41N-43N U20E 465 467 551-555 560-569 MCE468 MCE530 MCE540 MCE3011 genuine panasonic paper bagsPacket Of 5 GENUINE Panasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner Dust Paper Bags, Bag Code U20E..MCE41, MCE42, MCE43, MCE44, MCE45, MCE450, MCE451.. Brand New Original PANASONIC Spar (Barcode EAN = 5031680484625).
PanasonicTYPE U-20E, VACUUM CLEANER BAGS, 5 PKTYPE U-20E, VACUUM CLEANER BAGS, 5 PK (Barcode EAN = 5053959180946).
Spares2goStrong Double Walled Dust Bags for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners (5 Pack)No description (Barcode EAN = 5055950536593).
QualtexBlack 35mm Floor Brush Head Tool Compatible with Miele Panasonic Vax Hoover Vacuum CleanersNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055516206267).
BoschBSG72025 3 out of 5Formula Pro Pets Cylinder Cleaner
KleinHoover Upright Vacuum CleanerRed battery operated Vacuum cleaner . Size: 22.5 x 22.5 x 70cm. Material: Plastic. Recommended minimum age: 3 years. . Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Warni (Barcode EAN = 4009847068804).
First4spares Reusable Cloth Bag For Vax Vacuum CleanersNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055268576106).
Spares2goHoover Bags for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner (Pack of 5)No description (Barcode EAN = 5055950539082).
First4sparesQualtex Vax Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter KitNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524901147).
First4spares Pre Motor Filter For Vax Mach Air Force Power 7 Vacuum CleanersNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524908436).
First4sparesDrive Belts For Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners Pack of 2No description (Barcode EAN = 5055524902427).
PanasonicDust Bags For Panasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaners. (Barcode EAN = 5055268503744).
HQCombi fFoor Brush, 35 mmThis combi floor brush with a diameter of 35 mm can be used on every surface. It is also suitable for domestic vacuum cleaners such as Bosch, Miele, Panasonic, Rowenta, S (Barcode EAN = 5412810175529).
MieleType FJM Replacement Filter Bags For Cylinder SeriesNo description (Barcode EAN = 4002514582375).
First4sparesDust Bags for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners (Pack of 10 + 5 Fresheners)No description (Barcode EAN = 5055524956604).
Spares Direct 2 U LtdPanasonic MC-E450 MC-E460 Vacuum Cleaner Drive Belts Pack Of 2No description (Barcode EAN = 5060352941074).
Vacuum BagsELECTRUEPART Synthetic Vacuum cleaner dust bag (Pack of 5) For PANASONIC MC-E741 UKNo description (Barcode EAN = 5053459817342).
First4sparesPre amp; Post Motor Hepa Allergy Filter Kit for Vax Vacuum Cleaners.No description (Barcode EAN = 5055524922937).
First4spares Dust Bags amp; Filter Set For Vax 3-in-1 Multifunction 6131 Vacuum Cleaners x 10 BagsNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524910194).
PanasonicDust Bags For Panasonic MCE Vacuum Cleaners Pack of 20No description
Spares2goCurtains amp; Upholstery Mini Turbo Tool for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners (35mm)No description (Barcode EAN = 5055950537484).
SparesPlanetPanasonic Upright Vacuum Hepa Filter C38KDDJZ000LLNo description (Barcode EAN = 0704679855298).
Spares4appliancesPANASONIC MCUG-302, MCUG-303, MCUG-304 406/2903 Vacuum Cleaner BELTSSuitable for the following models- Panasonic MCE3001, MCE3011RP47, MCE4013, MCE4111, MCE3001WP47, MCE3011WP47, MCE4014, MCE4111KP47, MCE3002, MCE4000, MCE4015, MCE4113, M (Barcode EAN = 5053429749048).
First4spares Multi Purpose 35mm Floor Tool For Panasonic Vacuum CleanersNo description
QualtexDC07 Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Hose AssemblyCompatible new improved hose with easy release button

Fits all DC07 models

Yellow andamp; Grey (Barcode EAN = 5055516200012).
VaxCommercial Genuine VCC-01 and VCC-02 Bag Kit, Pack of 10No description (Barcode EAN = 5012512132822).
VaxU86-PM-B Performance Floor-2-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 3.5 L, Silver with OrangeThe Vax Performance Floor 2 Floor Total Home Upright Vacuum Cleaner is great for cleaning both carpets and hard floors, effortlessly adapting to your floor with no compro (Barcode EAN = 5012512144498).
DysonDC07 Origin 3 out of 5Upright Vacuum Cleaner
UnbekanntVacuum Cleaner Filter for Panasonic C-2E)No description (Barcode EAN = 4052491031694).
QualtexDyson Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tool KitNo description (Barcode EAN = 5018284800037).
MieleGN HyClean 3D Efficiency Dustbags for Classic, Complete, S2000, S5000, and S8000 SeriesMiele GN HyClean 3D Efficiency Dustbags for Classic, Complete, S2000, S5000, and S8000 Series (Barcode EAN = 4002515488492).
HooverTTE2304 Telios Bagged Cylinder Vacuum, 3.2 Litre, 2300 Watt - Pure WhiteNo description (Barcode EAN = 8016361856189).
DysonStubborn Dirt Brush - Fits all Dyson VacuumsNo description (Barcode EAN = 8809132490886).
QualtexElectrolux, Henry, Hoover, Vax, Vacuum Cleaner Floor ToolQualtex stair tool for henry vacuum cleaners
Europart5 paper vacuum cleaner bags for Panasonic MC-E650 MC-E651 MC-E652...NB: PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY. This product is made by Europart to Panasonic specifications. and fits Panasonic MC-E650 MC-E651 MC-E652 MC-E653 and MC-E654 (Barcode EAN = 5986100005136).
Europart5 paper vacuum cleaner bags for Panasonic MC-E9001 MC-E9002 and MC-E9003NB: PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY. This product is made by Europart to Panasonic specifications. and fits Panasonic MC-E9001 MC-E9002 and MC-E9003 (Barcode EAN = 5986100042995).
First4sparesDust Bags for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners (20 Pack + 10 Bag Freshener Sticks)No description (Barcode EAN = 5055524957281).
UnifitPanasonic Filters for Vacuum Cleaner: Panasonic MCE40 Series, MCE41, MCE42, M...Panasonic MCE40, MCE450 Series vacuum cleaner filters

See more information for full model details:
VaxGenuine Stretch Hose (Type 1) - U91-MA, U90-MA, U89-MA AirNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512130477).
NUMATICCharles CVC370 4 out of 5Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
First4spares Brush Roll Bar For Panasonic Vacuum CleanersNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524905329).
Maldon JewelleryCylinder Vacuum Cleaner sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Cleaning charms SSLP2789No description
PanasonicMCE SERIES CYLINDER VACUUM CLEANER REPLACEMENT BAGS C-2E C-20E TYPE - 5 PACKNo description (Barcode EAN = 5030017010575).
VaxVZL6014 4 out of 5Mach 4 Vacuum Cleaner
OTZMake believe Hoovers Toy Kids Children Red Vacuum Cleaners GamesNo description (Barcode EAN = 5121848464184).
HooverSmart SM1800 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - 1800 WattNo description (Barcode EAN = 8016361813656).
DysonHose Dyson DC24 DC-24No description
BLACK & DECKERV1999N2.4V Dustbuster Hand Vac
ProlineUVC4Proline bagless upright cleaner with HEPA allergy filteration and surface adjuster. Features telescopic suction tube to avoid straining backs and lifetime washable filters. reducing running costs. Bagless cleaner. Upright cleaner,1400 watts motor pow
ProlineUVC4Proline bagless upright cleaner with HEPA allergy filteration and surface adjuster. Features telesco
TescoVC207 1 out of 5Bagged cylinder vacuum
DuronicVC16 Compact Capacity Bagless Cylinder Vac Hepa Filer Vacuum CleanerThe VC16 cylinder vacuum has cyclonic suction power to clean as good as the first time, every time. HEPA filters mean it`s great for homes with allergy sufferers. It has (Barcode EAN = 5060184204484).
DysonGenuine Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Turbine Head Assembly 91156604 911566-04Suitable for the following models- Dyson DC02, DC05, DC08, DC08 TW, DC11, DC19, DC19 T2, DC20, DC21, DC22, DC23, DC23 T2, DC26 CITY, DC32, DC19 BASE, DC19 MULTI FLOOR, DC (Barcode EAN = 5053429633392).
ZANUSSIZAN161GLightweight Stick Cleaner
BoschPower Silence Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner (Discontinued by Manufacturer)No description (Barcode EAN = 4242002759982).
ZANUSSIZAN161HBagless Superbroom
TornioTorino 600W 2 In 1 Stick Vac - Light Weight Bagless Caravan Vacuum Cleaner With Tools CaravanNo description (Barcode EAN = 5053848228612).
TescoVC010Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
PowerextraLi-ion Battery Tool Replaces Dyson DC16 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 21.6V 1500mAh Grey DC16 Animal/Root-6No description (Barcode EAN = 0506831570366).
ViledaWINDOWMATIC Handheld Vacuum CleanersThe Vileda Windomatic was designed to solve well known problems of window cleaning. It dries windows reliably without any effort, leaving a streak free effort shine with no drops on window sills or floors Handprints, dust, water stains are no problem
VaxU89P9P 5 out of 5Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
PanasonicMC-UG304KP47 Bagged Black Upright Vacuum CleanerPANASONIC MC-UG304KP47 BLACK 2000W BAGGED UPRIGHT CLEANER
VaxEnergise Tempo Base U86-E1-Be Upright VacuumNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512147369).
DysonDC34 Vacuum Cleaner Extension Rod HandleNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524907842).
DaewooRC-350BKN 800W Cylinder Vacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=5031117612522)
ELECTROLUXZ7315 2 out of 5Bagless cylinder cleaner
DaewooRCC1115 May14 1600w Bagless CylinderVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=5031117612492)
First4spares Dust Bags For Panasonic MCUG614 Vacuum Cleaners Pack of 5No description (Barcode EAN = 5055524910385).
TrueshoppingNEW TRUESHOPPING 2 IN 1 UPRIGHT amp; HAND HELD BAGLESS VACUUM CLEANER 400WNo description (Barcode EAN = 5051752126062).
VaxGator H90-GA-BHandheld Cleaner
HooverSJ72WWB6 Handheld Vacuum CleanersWe all know that vacuuming is not always about picking up dry debris. Very often wet spillages are more important to clean quickly without any fuss. The new Jive 7.2V Wet and Dry is ideal for powerful wet and dry vacuuming and a great addition to you
eTradeukQuilted Embossed Handbag Shoulder Bag (Pink)Inside the bag, you`ll find plenty of room for your daily essentials, bag are ready for whatever the day may bring. (Barcode EAN = 6945658988130).
Powerextra22.2V Replacement Battery for Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner DC35 replaces 917083-01, 17083-2811, 18172-01-04, 17083-4211No description (Barcode EAN = 0506831570328).
Spares4appliancesPANASONIC MC-UG302 MC-UG304 Vacuum Cleaner PAPER DUST BAGS X 5Suitable for the following Panasonic models- M6900-6901 (Barcode EAN = 5053429739186).
TescoVC109Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
VAXVRS11P - Powermax 2000w Cylinder VacuumThis is a Brand New item that is a customer return. Packaging may not be perfect and has been opened to check the contents.The bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner has single cyclonic technology to provide long lasting powerful suction.It is also very eas
VaxU91-LF-B LiFE Cordless Bagless Upright Vacuum CleanerNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512128566).
Dirt DevilDDMSTK1Ultra Lightweight Bagless Upright Cleaner
BISSELL3750E 3 out of 52 in one upright/cylinder bagless cleaner
Black & DeckerDV7210N Cyclonic Action Dustbuster Hand Vacuum - 7.2 VoltNo description (Barcode EAN = 5020186203465).
VAXVRS1WVThe Vax VRS1VW Window vacuum is perfect for cleaning windows and hard surfaces all around the homeA run time of 30 minutes off a 2 hour charge and with a 130ml water tank you will have plenty of capacity to finish your windows in one go. A pivoting h
VAXVRS11B - Powermax 2000w Cylinder Vacuum -This is a Brand New item that is a customer return. Packaging may not be perfect and has been opened to check the contents.Free Fast Delivery (up to 2 business days)2000W Power Midi 2 Cylinder Vacuum (VRS11B)240AW 1.5 litre capacity HEPA filtration 1
VonHaus1200W 3L Compact Bag less Vacuum with 5m cord and 1.8m hose length and HEPA FiltrationNo description (Barcode EAN = 5060147557367).
GtechSW02 4 out of 5Rechargeable Sweeper
TescoVCMOP101600w Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
DaewooRC350BKCylinder Vacuum Cleaner
BLACK & DECKERDV7210NHandheld Vacuum Cleaner
AEG Domestic AppliancesAEG AG5104WD Handheld Vacuum CleanersRechargeable and cordless, the AEG Rapido AG5104WD wet and dry handheld cleaner gives you superb flexibility. With its outstanding design, high performance and low noise levels the AEG Rapido AG5104WD cleaner is perfect for quick cleans and spills in
VAXVRS11B - Powermax 2000w Cylinder Vacuum2000W Power Midi 2 Cylinder Vacuum (VRS11B)240AW1.5 litre capacityHEPA filtration 1.7m hose5m power cordTools: crevice tool; dusting brush; combination floorheadWeight: 4.9kg (Barcode EAN=5012512140698)
DysonDC08 Vacuum Cleaner Floor Tool Brush Dark And Light Steel ColourNo description (Barcode EAN = 5055524930628).
VaxC90ASBAS Astrata Bagless CylinderVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=5012512131269)
VAXVRS20UUpright Vacuum Cleaner
VaxU88-W1-PWHITE PET BAGLESS UPRIGHT VACUUM CLEANER HEPA filtration - ideal for allergy sufferers,1600 watts motor power,210 air watts suction power,2.4 litre capacity (Barcode EAN=5012512134208)
VAXU88-W1-PVacuum Cleaner
AksansTM) 2 in 1 Upright amp; Hand Held Bagless Compact Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner HooverNo description (Barcode EAN = 6771378318687).
Russell Hobbs22130 Compact Cyclonic BaglessVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=4008496834259)
ZanussiZAN3002EL Bagged Cylinder Vacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=7332543362813)
TescoVCU10PPet Upright Vac
Bissell83X3EZing Bagless Cylinder
VaxAir Base U88-AM-Be Upright VacuumNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512147574).
SWANSC3041Vacuum Cleaner
VaxEnergise Vibe C86-E2-Be Cylinder VacuumNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512147680).
PifcoP28003Vacuum Cleaner
PifcoP28010Vacuum Cleaner
VAXVRS20SUpright Vacuum Cleaner
HOOVERFlash CylinderVacuum Cleaner
HooverCP71_CP01001 Capture 700W Bagged CylinderVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=8016361886308)
KarcherWD2.200DIY Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner
ZanussiZAN1802EL EasyPower Bagless CylinderVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=7332543363193)
HooverHP2300Upright Vacuum Cleaner
KarcherWV50Window Vacuum Cleaner
MakitaBCL180ZW18v Cordless LXT Vacuum Cleaner
DIRT DEVILDCC037Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
DIRT DEVILDCC043Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
HooverTC1188Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
VaxC88-W2-B White Bagless Cylinder Vacuum 280Vacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=5012512134215)
VaxC88-W2-B White Bagless Cylinder Vacuum CleanerNo description (Barcode EAN = 5020010173384).
ZANUSSIZAN3322Vacuum Cleaner
HooverCurve TCU1410 Multi Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum CleanerNo description (Barcode EAN = 8016361853652).
HOOVERTSB1906Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
KarcherWV75 PlusWindow Cleaner
Russell Hobbs18358 Power Cyclonic Upright Vacuum CleanerNo description (Barcode EAN = 5038061038095).
SharkV3700The Shark V3700 cordless rechargeable sweeper is perfect for cleaning those small spills The slim, modern design features and ergonomic handle which allows easy steering and manoeuvrability. The 25cm wide cleaning path and charging qualities ensure a
Spares2goMini Tool Cleaning Nozzle Kit for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners (35mm Diameter)No description (Barcode EAN = 5055950504943).
VaxU88-W1-B White Bagless Upright Vacuum CleanerNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512133492).
VaxVRS101The Vax VRS101 is an upright vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and versatile. Compatible with both carpets and hard floors, it features multi-cyclonic technology to deliver powerful suction across all surfaces and includes a number of tools for atte
VaxVRS12A Power Midi 2 Cylinder VacVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=5012512134826)
RUSSELL HOBBS18154Simply Clean Upright
VaxU91-PF-B-T 3 out of 5This Vax bagless upright cleaner uses HEPA filtration which is ideal for allergy suffers or if you have pets. Also features a surface adjuster so you can avoid scratching laminate floors and as well as cleaning deep pile rugs. Bagless cleaner. Uprigh
ZANUSSIZAN2000AUpright Vacuum Bagless Cleaner
iRobotRoomba 560Lighthouse Virtual Wall Unit
VaxC88W1B Cylinder Vacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=5012512135212)
Zanussi LtdZanussi ZAN2000AKeep your whole home clean with ease with the Zanussi ZAN2000A AirSpeed Lite Upright Vacuum Bagless Cleaner. The lightweight design is not just suitable for both hard floors and carpets but also incorporates not just the 2L capacity dust bin but also
VaxC90-Pm2-BCylinder Vacuum Cleaner
VAXPower 2 XP UprightVacuum Cleaner
VaxV107APPAstrata Pet Bagless Cylinder
VaxEnergise Tempo Pet U86-E1-Pe Upright VacuumNo description (Barcode EAN = 5012512147376).
VaxU88-P3-BBAGLESS UPRIGHT CLEANER HEPA filtration - ideal for allergy sufferers,2000 watts motor power,280 air watts air watts suction,3 litre capacity (Barcode EAN=5012512133515)
VAXU88-P3-BBAGLESS UPRIGHT CLEANER HEPA filtration - ideal for allergy sufferers,2000 watts motor power,280 air
VAXVRS11PCylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Russell Hobbs19300 Tornado VacVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=4008496730599)
Zanussi LtdZanussi ZAN2011AZThe Zanussi ZAN2011AZ Airspeed Lite Pet is an 1100w Upright Vacuum Cleaner with leading edge multi cyclonic technology and a 2 Litre Bagless dust capacity. It is Lightweight at 5.2Kg and easy to manoeuvre as well as being suitable for people that are
SwanSU3040Upright Vacuum Cleaner
KärcherWD2.200 DIY Multi-Purpose, Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Karcher WD2.200 is small, compact wet and dry vacuum. It offers practical features in a robust plastic housing, with apowerful 1200 Watt motor and a 12 liter (Barcode EAN = 5055380042664).

ElectroluxZ4471Vacuum Cleaner
HOOVERSM1800Smart Upright
RUSSELL HOBBS18376Bagless Cylinder Vacuum
SAMSUNGSC4770Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
VAXC89-PM2-BCylinder Vacuum Cleaner
VAXV109Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
VAXVS190VX1600w Bagless Upright
ZANUSSIZAN18322Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
ZANUSSIZAN4720A 1 out of 5Upright Vacuum Cleaner
HooverSE81-SZ03001 Compact Bagless 700wVacuum Cleaners (Barcode EAN=8016361886124)
HooverSE81SZ01001 Vacuum CleanersSpritz Pets is a compact cylinder Bagless vacuum cleaner offering all round performance. Its light, space saving design means Spritz Pets is easy to use, manage and store in your home. It comes with tools to tackle cleaning tasks plus a powerful Pets

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