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Dyson DC32 Animal

Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
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Dyson DC32 Animal
DC32 Animal is Dyson?s latest full-size cylinder, with a motorised brush bar for removing pet hair. Like all Dyson vacuums, it uses patented Root Cyclone? technology for no loss of suction. In DC32 Animal, this is combined with a core separator ? an extra cyclonic stage, to capture even more microscopic dust. As there are no replacement filters or bags to buy, there are no extra costs. Dyson engineers developed DC32 Animal for use in larger homes. The turbine head removes dirt and pet hair from every floor type - the air-driven brush bar has stiff bristles that spin up to 90 times a second to dislodge dirt and fibres. It can be turned off for cleaning delicate surfaces. The mini turbine head tool cleans confined spaces such as stairs, upholstery, and car interiors. The lightweight adjustable wand makes high-reach cleaning easier and the chassis is engineered to sit on stairs while you clean. All Dyson cylinders and uprights come with a free 5 year parts and labour guarantee.

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