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Mach 6 Bagless Upright Cleaner
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User Reviews

Average Rating:  3 out of 5

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There are 6 reviews for this product.

We bought this cleaner last March, so have over a years experience to draw upon. So here goes:

1. Yes, its heavy. This isnt really a problem although sometimes my wife asks me to carry it up the stairs. The heaviness does help press the cleaner into the carpet, which is a good thing.
2. Like a previous reviewer, Id have to agree that it can be a bit of a pain to connect the hose extension in order to do a full flight of stairs. However, the Dyson isnt any better as its hose comes with a permanently-attached, 3ft-long rigid end which means that cleaning round corners can be impossible (we have a half-landing and a 90-degree bend in our stairs, so a Dyson wouldnt work well).
3. The turbo tool is fantastic... for a few months. Ours stopped working well quite some time ago. On the plus side, I got so tired of stripping it down to its component parts every time I vaccuumed that I just phoned Vax - theyre shipping me a brand new one - no fuss. So the guarantee seems to have no strings attached.
4. The worst thing about this cleaner is its performance on smooth floors. It doesnt pick anything up. Turn off the brush bar and... it still doesnt pick anything up. The only effective way to clean smooth floors is with the separate floor tool. Only problem with this is if youre over 59` tall then your back will hurt like hell after about 5 minutes, because the extension poles are not long enough.
6. Other points - emptying the cleaner is not quite as easy as the Dyson, but its okay. The cable return still works perfectly well after 14 months. It doesnt clean right to the edges as well as the Dyson. It has plenty of suction, although I think its more sensitive to different height carpets than other cleaners. You need to make sure the brush bar height is correct.

So overall, a bit of a mixed bag(less). We dont regret buying it, its outperformed our previous Dyson 07 by a significant margin. Just dont buy it if youve got lots of wooden, lino, or laminate flooring.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 26May2009
Vax VZL-6016 Mach 6 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This really is an awful cleaner. Is states that no suction is lost...thats becuase there was never any suction in the first place!!

It is very heavy so if you live in a property with an upstairs, this is not for you.

It would not pick up the smallest bit of fluff that I purposely placed to test its great suction power!

I had to use the hard floor attachment to attempt to clean the carpeted bedrooms.

It also leaks dust when you carry it using the carry-handle.

This was a complete waste of money and now I understand the need for the long guarantee.

Buy a Dyson.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 29Mar2009
I had reservations before ordering this product because of previous poor reviews but I am pleased that I went ahead and bought it. It is heavy and does have a tendency to tip over when using the hand tools but other than that it is a great cleaner. It is very powerful and I find it more effective than the Dyson Animal we had previously. Long dog hair does not seem to pose a problem. The turbo tool also works well and is better than the Dyson turbotool. The additional hose and soft cleaning brush are both very useful extras - although a bit bulky in terms of storage. Using the additional hose also seems to reduce the chances of the cleaner falling over. In summary it was great value for money and I would highly recommend it - as long as you dont have to carry it up and down stairs very often.

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 24Mar2009
I bought this vacuum cleaner less than a year ago to replace a Dyson. I have never regretted a decision more! First of all the machine is VERY heavy and I often have to ask my husband to carry it upstairs for me. Secondly, with my Dyson I could reach all the way upstairs from the bottom of the stairs with the attachment to clean the steps but with this vacuum You have to unscrew parts and attach hoses etc to use the attachment and then go through the whole rigmarole of unscrewing again and attaching the hose back to the machine every time you want to use it upright. It is such a nuisance. You would think that its saving grace would be that you get a decent pick up, but no, I often have to pick bits up off the carpet with my fingers that it has failed to pick up. On the plus side, it does keep me fit as I haul it up and down the stairs and struggle to push it back and forth around the house (we have nicknamed it Mr Hefty)
Now, to top it all it keeps switching itself off after less than 5 minutes which means it takes me a whole day to do the house! Maybe it will pack up completely soon and I can buy a Dyson again. Yay!

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 1 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 18Mar2009
very pleased with our new vacuum. Very good, very powerful. The lead is not as long as our last hoover which reached everywhere from one plug but the rewind is good and useful. A good buy

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 15Mar2009
I bought this to replace my old Dyson which burnt out. I couldnt afford a new one straight away and after much research decided to go for this as an alternative. Its got as much suction as my last one, has plenty of tools and accessories, is very easy to assemble ( I managed myself aided and abeted by a four year old) and the stair tool is fab with plenty of reach. The downside is the weight - its very heavy and the hard floor tool has a tendency to fall off at the slightest knock. Overall it smacks of quality and Vax have put a lot into this one. At half the list price it was a bargain on Amazon.Vax VZL-6016 Mach 6 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Reviewed by: Amazon Reviewer   Rating: 4 out of 5  Date Reviewed: 07Mar2009

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