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Quick Vice

Quick Vice.
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Quick Vice
Manufactured from strong, yet lightweight high-tech resin, the Quick Vice(TM) has a revolutionary locking base system, which allows total versatility and portability with dozens of uses for both the professional tradesman and diy enthusiast.
Designed with a quick-release mechanism via an ergonomic tightening handle, which cannot be over tightened.
The vice also comes with replaceable non-marring jaw pads, allowing you to work with delicate objects.
Removing the pads allows you to get to grips with pipe work utilising the grooves moulded into the jaw, or other hard materials requiring a stronger clamping pressure, you have a 1/4 of a ton at your disposal.
The unique tightening handle allows just the right amount of pressure to hold the object in place without causing damage.
Lifetime warranty

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