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505GameStreet Armored Core 4 Answers Xbox 360

Armored Core 4 - Answers - Xbox 360 Game
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505GameStreet Armored Core 4 Answers Xbox 360
* Cut your way inside colossal armoured vehicles and destroy them from the inside out.
* Identify and exploit each seemingly indestructible giant mobile battlestations weakness to defeat them.
* Face 10 uniquely designed types of giant mobile battlestations and engage ten different other kinds of mech in high-velocity combats.
* Create your own mech and share it with your friends online.
* Customise your mech with hundreds of parts and weapons, a killer paint job, and decals. Find the killer combination of weapons and armour that will help you take down your enemies.
* Interact with the environment beyond everything ever experienced in mech combat games.
* Experience high-velocity plain daylight combat or low visibility night battles as changing weather and time the atmosphere of more than 40 battlefields including snow field, desert, ocean, underground and city.
* Cooperate with a friend in a seamless multiplayer mode or face more friends in versus modes.
* Team up with a friend online in more than 30 missions to take on the deadliest and most gigantic weapons created by mankind.
* Face up to 7 players online or LAN in more than 80 different battlefields with new rules and all-new play modes.
* Engage one of your friends in split-screen head-to-head combat.
* Switch factions and make decisions that change both the storyline and your combat experience.
* Choose your side among different factions including The League, The ORCA and the independent city states, each one having their own sets of giant mobile battlestations, mechs and characteristics, allowing for unique battle experiences.
* Multiple control schemes accommodate both beginners and veteran players.
* Beginners will find new intuitive controls that will allow them to skilfully operate a core in no time.
* Veterans can enjoy the full range of controls available in previous Armored Core installments.

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