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Visual Concepts ESPN NFL Football Xbox

ESPN NFL Football - Xbox Games
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Visual Concepts ESPN NFL Football Xbox
You feel that deep breath you take when you're staring down 80 yards of real estate, a six-point deficit and 1:31 on the clock. You feel the fear in the air that results from unblinkingly staring down a quarterback from the middle linebacker position. You feel that brief moment in time when the ball's in the air and all that fills your mind is the overwhelming need to stop the receiver from making the catch.
ESPN Nfl football brings the complete Nfl experience.
Whether it's by making an opponent lose his shorts from a stop-and-go juke, by scraping your toes down as you make an acrobatic first down catch along the sideline, or by making swarming gang tackles on the fourth and short - you will truly feel everything that makes the National Football League so intense. Don't look. Don't listen. Feel.
Key features include:
ESPN presentation - Nothing compares to a stellar ESPN broadcast, complete with a new level of integration of scores, highlights, stats and overlays that further blur the line between a sunday night footbal telecast and the game.
Untouchable Gameplay - Responsive controls give you command over every aspect of the game, including the ability to tap into the power of your player with "The Charge" - a new way to boost your performance.
Groundbreaking Animations - Unbelievable gang tackles, dazzling sideline grabs, and double-team blocks heighten the action, while smooth post play animations accurately capture the exciting player celebrations and on-field disappointments that follow.
New Play-Calling System - No matter your experience, the all-new interface - complete with updated NFL team playbooks - will quicken your decisions on the field.
Stunning Visuals - New close-ups of all of the action including crowd scenes, cheerleaders and sideline players that bring more emtion to the game. Amazing player models, new fields, and sidelines bring it even closer to reality!
Advanced Online Play - Take your game online on the playstation 2 computer entertainment

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