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1400 Spin Washing Machine
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Pre-set your washing to start at a convenient time for you with the delay timer function. This big 1400 spin white Hoover washing machine is AAA rated for energy efficiency, wash and spin performance.
Select one of 16 wash programmes and, together with variable spin and temperature, you’ll get great results and better protection for your garments as well. It has an 8kg wash load capacity so you can wash more clothes in one load and the large porthole makes loading and unloading easy.
* Wash Load Capacity - 8kg
* Ratings - A+ Energy A Wash A Spin
* Wash Controls - Variable Spin & Temperature
* 40 Degree Wash Time - N/a
* Dimensions - H: 850mm W: 600mm D: 590mm
* Special Features
* Delay Timer
* Automatic Half Load Function
* Quick Wash

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